The Peanuts kiss countdown

Over at another website, they were polling people to name the 5 greatest kisses in comics history – and being the man that I am, all of the good kisses which came to mind were from Peanuts (sounds of shocked surprise fill the room). So for Valentine’s Day, I thought …


My apologies

I just put out a post that had “2010 is coming” in the title. Please rest assure that this was inaccurate; 2011 is coming. For better or for worse, we will not be simply rerunning the current year. (Better, overall.)


Christmas is here, 2010 is coming

I hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas – the family, the food, and not least of all, the gifts (and remember, if you have a new Kindle, or an iPad with a Kindle app, the price of Schulz’s Youth has been cut to $4.99 for the time being). But let’s …


Still time for last-minute gifts

As I type this, you have about an hour-and-a-half left to order gifts to arrive before Christmas, with overnight shipping. After that, you can, of course, still order gift cards to print out or email. (Although I bet if you can get the owner of that Schulz Christmas card art …


I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas

I find it interesting how the whole nation embraces the wintery image of Christmas – including here in this southern California town where I live, and where there probably hasn’t been a half-inch of snow in the past century. Even folks who have always lived around here are putting plastic …


Peanuts across the holiday season

Well, now that we’re all done celebrating Beethoven’s birthday, it’s time to start preparing for the next major holiday, which is Christmas. And walking around the streets, I see that many folks are getting very Peanutsy in their decorations. I saw one house which at first I thought “hey, there’s …

Animated Peanuts

what folks are ordering

The things AAUGH Blog readers order always fascinate me (to be clear: Amazon shows me what you order after clicking through here, but don’t show me who orders things, or even which different items were part of the same order.) There are, unsurprisingly, orders for things talked about on the …

Animated Peanuts

I Want a Dog, tonight

The hour-long Peanuts special I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown airs in the US on ABC tonight, and then again on Saturday – which will be a rerun about Rerun! My posting about the Peanuts pillow book generated enough orders that I thought there might be a general …


My annual thinking-about-presents post

This would’ve been Schulz’s 88th birthday. I assume you were all out buying him presents early this morning? Me, I skipped the early morning madness. For one thing, there is little that I need in terms of the sort of thins which go on sale. We have computers that work, …


Happy 60th Anniversary of Peanuts

Lots of stuff going on today – free entry at the Schulz Museum, a new display at the Smithsonian, the National Portrait Gallery got a picture of Schulz yesterday. But even if you can’t be involved in all that – go read some Peanuts! (And if anyone is near Manhattan …