An All-Star error

In the previous post, I listed the various specials in the upcoming collection of Peanuts specials from the 1960s, and noted that Charlie Brown’s All-Stars (among others) had not been on DVD before. AsĀ  alert AAUGH Blog reader Dennis has pointed out, that’s not 100% true. In fact, it’s off …


Belate my Valentine, Charlie Brown

If you’re planning for Valentine’s Day at this point, you’re either running a mite late, or you’re in the book business. Which is my way of saying that Running Press is doing a new adaptation of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown for next year.


Peanuts vinyl collectible dolls

This ain’t the kind of thing that I buy (being the intersection of “ain’t cheap” and “ain’t books”) but I liked seeing this line of vinyl collectible dolls, in part because they give us an early version of Snoopy, and in part because they give us an attempt at Pig-Pen. …


a shorthand way to a Merry Christmas

What’s that Linus is saying in that panel from 40 years ago, yesterday? Well, he’s talking in shorthand… Gregg shorthand, to be precise. Schulz used shorthand a number of times in the strip, when Woodstock (and occasionally Linus) was acting as secretary. And being one to pay attention to the …


Guess what arrived today?!

That’s how I’ve greeted my wife at the door about every other day for the past couple weeks. And she knows the answer now. “A Charlie Brown Christmas. A book adaptation!” Ever since putting together the guide to book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I’ve been filling holes in …


What are AAUGHers buying?

You missed it, didn’t you? Beethoven’s birthday was yesterday, and you forgot to get your gifts out in time! Tsk, tsk. Don’t let the same thing happen for Christmas or Hannukah. And as Amazon says today’s the last day for you to place an in-stock order with Amazon and have …


Getting it there before Christmas and getting Arrested cheaply

We’re now in the last two days of placing orders so that they get where they’re going before Christmas via Free Super Saver Shipping. And really, if you’re gonna spend money on the gift, isn’t it better to spend money on the gift than on the shipping? Of course, you …


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Bart Simpson

After embedding that episode of Arrested Development the other day, I realized I could probably similarly do a legal embedding of this year’s Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode, which includes their take on the Great Pumpkin. (Warning: the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes are generally gorier than one expects from The …


A Charlie Brown Christmas airing

Tonight, at the start of ABC primetime in the U.S. Meanwhile, I’ve added a couple editions to the A Charlie Brown Christmas book guide – just variant formats of the original Dale Hale adaptation. And I think there’s one more of those to come. (I’m kind of surprised that there …


Ferreting out more A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations

There are at least a couple more A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations/editions that aren’t on my big guide yet, and if anyone out there would like to help by sending pictures of them (and publishing/copyright date, if possible), please do: There was an album-sized record released, with a storybook included, …