Straight to you from Snoopy Sounds Records! …

Some of Ridge Room’s cool Peanuts design work, this for some Japanese bedsheets. I want these records!



For some reason, this cover for a Czech collection is making me happy at the moment. Often, the limited-color foreign covers look quite charming. Sure would like to get this one for the Reference Library!  


Twelve years later

The final new Peanuts strip ran in papers twelve years ago today, and looking around, it’s hard to say that it’s lost any ground as a centerpiece of our culture. Just seeing a popular website using the Lucy-and-the-football analogy for what may be happening with a piece of legislation, or …


Dear Peanuts licensees

Dear Peanuts licensees, Please know your license. Today, UniqloUSA (the American branch of a Japanese t-shirt manufacturer) advertised their new batch of Peanuts tees (some of which are nice) by tweeting “The Red Baron will be landing at Uniqlo just in time for Valentine’s Day…and he’s bringing his gang” The …


Minor book notes

AAUGH Blog reader Steve points out that The Basics of Licensing uses Peanuts as an example several times in the book. Peanuts and licensing – what will they think of next? Those of you still looking for a copy of the new Peanuts comic book can find them through third-party …


2011 in Peanuts books and such

Well, we close out an interesting year here at the AAUGH Blog Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown emerged as an interesting DVD and a surprisingly good graphic novel adaptation thereof. I searched Peanuts for the greatest comic strip kiss of all time. Ten new Peanuts books as part …


Last minute gifts

I hope you’re all hunkered down with the ones you love, in joy and in comfort now, whether you’re celebrating a holiday or not. But if it’s the case where you just realized you didn’t get anything for Aunt Greta, and the stores are closed and you’ve run out of …


Time running down, but not out.

It’s still possible to order gifts from Amazon, with overnight shipping, and have them get there by Christmas. But we are in the last few hours. They’ve got the Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown look-and-find book back in stock. And hey, if you bought someone an ebook reader or an MP3 …


Holiday greetings from!

The actual holiday part of the Holiday Season starts at sundown tonight, with the beginning of Hannukah, so I thought this a good time to put up the holiday greetings recorded by the younger members of the staff here at the corporate campus, the famed AAUGH-dot-Complex: If you see this, …


Minty fresh dog breath

You may have seen Peanuts covers on all sorts of magazines over the years, but supportive AAUGH Blog reader Scott pointed me to one most of us would’ve missed: the November issue of Construction Executive. In this case, the front cover is an ad, for a dental plan administered by …