Must be the reason they’re showing Warm Blanket again tonight



Free shipping even for foreigners

After I posted earlier about the advantages of Amazon Prime, I got an email from one of the blog’s foreign readers, presuming that free shipping was only good for US addresses, which is correct. But that leads me to two thoughts: If you’re looking for free shipping everywhere, try The …


Exploiting Amazon Prime

If you’re ordering through Amazon regularly, the Amazon Prime service that they offer seems like a pretty good deal – you get vital shipping deals, plus access to a free video library and even the ability to “borrow” books for your Kindle. But being a cheapskate in the moment, I’ve …


The annual holiday buying post

The holidays are approaching. Well, there are always holidays approaching, but I don’t mean National Pancake Month or Gorilla Suit Day. We’re talking the Super Bowl of holidays (which does not, of course, include the Super Bowl.) According to the calendar, Hannukah this year starts at sunset on December 20th …


What’s the audio equivalent of a typo

AAUGH Blog reader Keith let me know that there’s a small error in the Color Nook version of Happiness is a Warm Puppy: where the book says that “Happiness is a climbing tree”, the read-aloud audio track says that “Happiness is climbing a tree”. A pretty small error, admittedly, but …


Bil Keane 1922-2011

Bil Keane has passed away. The creator of The Family Circus was a talented man, an in my brief meeting with him, a truly funny one and seemingly kind. That panel has been running for over half a century (Schulz wrote an intro to the 25th anniversary collection), and while …


A Great Pumpkin thought from the missuz

  My wife notes that there is a lot of work involved in achieving the second most sincere pumpkin patch, but a sad lack of reward for doing so.


The way the money falls

That silly annual dead-celebrities-with-the-highest-income list came out this week, and yes, they listed Sparky Schulz again, but to me that list is largely a potent mixture of dubious accuracy and none-of-my-business. But it does set me thinking about how creativity gets rewarded, or doesn’t. Schulz and his family, yes, no …


Joe Ace, Flying Cool

Starting today, Build-a-Bear Workshops will be carrying a stuffed Snoopy, customizable with a range of outfit pieces (which, for those of you who have not experienced B-a-BW, is what their business is all about.) The figure has been available for online order for a few days… and pictured here is …


The author of “A Dark And Stormy Night” meets the Dark Knight

Schulz draws Batman. Really. (It seems only fair; there is one published Batman story where the entire text was taken from Snoopy’s famed novel.)