I’ve been getting both questions and answers in my email… and since the questions are ones that I can answer, it’s a win all around! AAUGH Blog reader Jim went above and beyond the call of duty in answering the question about whether the reprints of of Peanuts and More Peanuts would …


a reflection

If my house is somehow the only one that survives whatever cataclysm befalls Earth, then the eventual alien archaeologists will have some very odd ideas about what our culture was like. Perhaps they will think this was a chapel dedicated to the study and worship of Snoopy.


A thing I will, in later years, regret not buying

The original Schulz cover art for a Peanuts strip collection.


No poetry from Johnny

Regarding my comment on the oddness of Johnny Carson’s Happiness is a Warm Puppy-riffing book Happiness is a Dry Martini being copyrighted by “Cory-Richard Music, Inc.”, AAUGH Blog reader Jim noted that there is a much easier explanation for that name than being a reference to the classic poem. Cory and Richard …


New York is an Absolutely Filthy city!

Word comes to us that the Peanuts parody play Absolutely Filthy, tightened up from the version that I gave a good review to here, is getting some very strong response at the theatre festival FringeNYC. There are several more performances over the coming week; curious Gothamites should check out the schedule and …


Award-winning Filth

Absolutely Filthy, the full-length Peanuts parody play that I reviewed last year, is now an award-winning Peanuts parody play, having taken three awards at this year’s L.A. Weekly Theater Awards.  The cast took the trophy (at least, I assume there’s a trophy, maybe there’s a plaque. Or a bagel.) for the best …


Own a Snoopy from space

  People regularly ask me to help promote their auctions of their Peanuts memorabilia, and I demur. I really don’t want to turn this blog into a bunch of adds for other people’s stuff. But in this case, I’m making an exception… because of what the item is. You may …


RIP Morrie Turner

Various sources are reporting the death of Morrie Turner, creator of the comic strip “Wee Pals”, at the age of 90. Turner was the Jackie Robinson of the newspaper strip field in multiple ways, getting a national syndication deal at a time when no other African-American had one, and landing …


more on those coloring books

I pointed Rich Johnston (of the website Bleeding Cool) toward the various coloring books being produced by the person who made that apparently unauthorized Peanuts volume, and he covers it here. New titles are still appearing, including some Beatles-and-Elvis coloring books! (Sniff, sniff… is that lawyers I smell?)

Animated Peanuts

Quick notes

Today would’ve been Schulz’s 91st birthday. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the ABC Family cable network will air all four of the Peanuts animated theatrical films (although not in their original release order.) Their website says this runs 4 PM to 10 PM, but you may have to check your local time zone. …