RIP Morrie Turner

Various sources are reporting the death of Morrie Turner, creator of the comic strip “Wee Pals”, at the age of 90. Turner was the Jackie Robinson of the newspaper strip field in multiple ways, getting a national syndication deal at a time when no other African-American had one, and landing …


more on those coloring books

I pointed Rich Johnston (of the website Bleeding Cool) toward the various coloring books being produced by the person who made that apparently unauthorized Peanuts volume, and he covers it here. New titles are still appearing, including some Beatles-and-Elvis coloring books! (Sniff, sniff… is that lawyers I smell?)

Animated Peanuts

Quick notes

Today would’ve been Schulz’s 91st birthday. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the ABC Family cable network will air all four of the Peanuts animated theatrical films (although not in their original release order.) Their website says this runs 4 PM to 10 PM, but you may have to check your local time zone. …


From beagle to bagel

I stopped by the local Noah’s Bagels (which I believe is the same chain as Einstein Brothers) this morning, and the counterstaff were wearing shirts that said Happiness Is A Warm Bagel on the back. The “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” concept still resonates like a recent Internet meme, half …


Peanuts Every Signeday

Fantagraphics has been successful in their Kickstarter, raising the $150,000 they were using to bridge their financial shortfall. However, they’re still open for more donations so that they can better move other projects forward (the next is hiring new translaters for the books which would’ve been translated by the late …


The Complete Peanuts publisher seeking support

Fantagraphics, the publisher of The Complete Peanuts and many other fine (and some less fine, to be fair) books of and about comics has found themselves in a money crunch, owing in large part to the death of co-founder and key editorial guy Kim Thompson. To deal with this, they …


The Peanuts Rosetta stone

There is always something nice about looking at Peanuts in a foreign language. I some ways, it reminds me of how international this very American strip is, because so many of its concerns are so human, reflecting on the things that bind us all. And then there is how communicative …


Why Woodstock was funny

I ran across an old article today in which someone put down the introduction of the name Woodstock as an unfunny gag, that simply giving the little bird a name from hippie culture does not make it funny. However, that commentary was written in 2007, more than a third of …


Franklin’s 45th!

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first appearance of Franklin, Hogan’s Alley magazine has put online the article I wrote for them a couple years back about the creation of Franklin. Go read!


The Snoopy panel at Comic-Con

For those of you who couldn’t make it to Comic-Con last weekend, someone named Padma Bella recorded and posted a couple sections of the Snoopy panel discussion. The talk is being moderated by Damian Holbrook of TV Guide; the panelists are (from left to right) Lex Feaardo (whose duties at …