Peanuts Every Signeday

Fantagraphics has been successful in their Kickstarter, raising the $150,000 they were using to bridge their financial shortfall. However, they’re still open for more donations so that they can better move other projects forward (the next is hiring new translaters for the books which would’ve been translated by the late Kim Thompson). Anyway, they’ve added some other possible donor awards, including a couple of Peanuts interest. One of them is a copy of the upcoming Batter Up, Charlie Brown for a $20 donation, which is a good deal only if you’re looking for an excuse to send them money; the book has a cover price of $9.99, and can be preordered from Amazon for less than that. However, two other Peanuts-related rewards are signed copies, giving you something special for your money. For a $30 donation, you will get The Complete Peanuts 1991-1992 with a bookplate signed by Tom Tomorrow, who is writing the introduction for the volume. For $75, you get Peanuts Every Sunday with Jean Schulz’s signature. And if you want to give them $100, you get a print of the final Sunday Peanuts strip, the farewell strip.

For more details, go to the Kickstarter page.


  As these two ads, from 1954 and 1961 respectively, show, Patty and Violet had a rather consistent relationship… living on slightly different planes, and not introducing themselves, but giving a name to each other. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

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