The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Snoopy Goes to Broadway

Peanuts characters tend not to interact with other owned intellectual property… but when it came to music, some exceptions were named in the 1980s.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Peanuts Projects

Peanuts Projects, a 1963 oversized activity book, was both a groundbreaker and a an odd duck in a number of ways… ways in which the AAUGH Blogger will take over ten minutes telling you about. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, you’ve got the wrong podcast.

Peapodcast mailbag

On this mailbag episode of the Peapodcast, Erle T. Grant, Peapodcast host and fanatic about the Peapod comic strip, answers the questions you’ve emailed him! Don’t hear your question answered? Submit it for next time!

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: A Charlie Brown Religion with Stephen J. Lind

Author Stephen Lind takes the interview seat this episode to talk about A Charlie Brown religion, a vital book looking on Schulz’s religious beliefs and the religious impact of Peanuts. The book can be ordered here.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Cookbooks

Cookbooks featuring the Peanuts characters have been coming out for about half a century now. in this episode, the AAUGH Blogger takes a look at a number key examples of the form. (And for those looking for links, here’s an ordering link for the upcoming The Peanuts Family Cookbook, and here’s …

The AAUGH Blog Podcast

The AAUGH Blogger responds to Peanuts book questions and comments sent in by fans… and a relative. Books mentioned in this episode include: Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz For the Love of Peanuts Snoopy vs. the Red Baron

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Snoopy the Nosey Little Puppy (1955)

The AAUGH Blogger reads a book about a dog named Snoopy… no, not that Snoopy. And no, not the similarly-named book he read on an earlier episode.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Is This Tomorrow

The AAUGH Blogger takes a look at Is This Tomorrow – that’s right, no question mark there! – a 1947 Red Scare comic book that Schulz worked on. It’s available in a reprint, for the Kindle, or to read free online.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Peanuts Projects that Should Exist

There are many, many Peanuts books that do exist. There are, I suppose one could say, infinite ones that do not. In this episode, the AAUGH Blogger muses about some book projects that do not exist, but should.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Lex Fajardo interview

Alexis E. Fajardo, who is Senior Editor of Publishing for Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates as well as creator of Kid Beowulf, joins us for a live-at-the-San-Diego-Comic-Con interview.