AAUGH: Cartoon Murder

This is a True Crime episode, looking at a little possible cartoon crime that Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz may have committed.

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Three fantastic stories… out of a couple dozen?!?

With Costco getting out of the book business, I thought we might have seen the end of Costco-exclusive Peanuts books already, but such appears not to be the case. Today I happened upon The Peanuts Gang’s Grand Adventures, a hardcover which combines Snoopy Soars to Space, Adventures with Linus and Friends!, and …

Charles Manga Schulz comes to Comic-Con

It’s less than two weeks to the start of the San Diego Comic-Con (and months too late to get tickets to it, if that’s what you were hoping.) There will be be an official Peanuts booth there, as usual. In addition to their usual line-up of special items made just …

Candidate Snoopy

The promotion of “Snoopy for President” dates back to at least 1961 (possibly earlier, I don’t have great reference on it.) The idea is not limited to US presidential election years, but it does tend to swell then. There was not only merch but newspaper articles on it in 1968. …