Surprise episode: Benjamin L. Clark, curator of the Schulz Museum

The AAUGH Blog Podcast returns from retirement for a special episode. The AAUGH Blogger talks to Schulz Museum curator Benjamin L. Clark about his work, and about the book that the two of them wrote together, the new Schulz Museum project Charles M. Schulz: The Art and Life of the …

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Finale

The AAUGH Blogger lets you know about several Peanuts-related podcasts that are ongoing (It’s a Podcast, Charlie Brown; The Peanuts Gallery; Blockhead)  … and one that isn’t. Mentioned in this podcast: It’s a Podcast, Charlie Brown The Peanuts Gallery Blockhead: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz

AAUGH: Peanuts on Parade statues

William Johnson talks with us about his two upcoming books showcasing the Peanuts on Parade statues that flooded Saint Paul, Minnesota and Santa Rosa, California for years… and he even has a special offer just for AAUGH Blog fans! You can find William’s website about the books at and …

AAUGH: Peanuts and Wikipedia

Peanuts is perhaps the world’s most beloved comic, Wikipedia the most consulted source of information. Bring them together, and there will be…. well, articles. And shenanigans.

AAUGH: Peanuts Every Sunday

The AAUGH Blogger casts his reviewing eyes over the box set of books, Peanuts Every Sunday: the Seventies. Peanuts Every Sunday boxed sets available: Peanuts Every Sunday: the Fifties Peanuts Every Sunday: the Sixties Peanuts Every Sunday: the Seventies Individual volumes Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955 Peanuts Every Sunday: 1956-1960 Peanuts …

AAUGH: Peanuts Quilted Interview

Kathleen Shea, author of Peanuts Quilted Celebration, talks about her decade-plus effort in making this lovely how-to book of Peanuts quilt designs. Her book can be ordered from her etsy store, SnoopyStuff.)

AAUGH: Collectors’ Guides

Collecting Peanuts stuff is a hobby, and as with any good hobby, there are books about it. In this episode, Peanuts book collector Nat Gertler, the AAUGH Blogger, looks at some Peanuts collectors guides.

AAUGH: Cartoon Murder

This is a True Crime episode, looking at a little possible cartoon crime that Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz may have committed. PodCash™ is an unregistered trademark of All right, it’s reserved. Books mentioned in this episode: Complete Peanuts 26 Peanuts Quilted Celebrations

AAUGH – Looking forward to 2019

The new year brings new Peanuts projects, and the AAUGH Blogger looks at them, including projects from heavy-hitters Apple and NASA. The books mentioned on this episode include: Shoot for the Moon, Snoopy! Snoopy, First Beagle on the Moon! Themed comic book story collections Lucy and Linus The Complete Peanuts …

AAUGH: Charlie Brown and the Rose of Kilcannon

Presenting a tale of Charlie Brown from the 19th century, in this excerpt from “Rose of Kilcannon.”