AAUGH.com was founded in AAUGHtober, 1999 as a site with book sales links and a collecting guide for the Peanuts book fan. In January 2000, following the announcement of Charles M. Schulz’s retirement from drawing the strip that he had created half a century before, the site launched an email newsletter that would eventually transform into The AAUGH Blog. In AAUGHtober 2017, a podcast series with the mouth-numbing name of The AAUGH Blog Podcast was added to the site.

The man behind AAUGH.com,  Nat Gertler, is a professional Peanuts nerd of long standing. In addition to his work on this site, Gertler is the author of three licensed books on Peanuts history, including the Independent Book Publisher Association’s Ben Franklin Award-winning volume The Snoopy Treasures. He has written original Peanuts stories for comic books, and his writing about Peanuts has appeared in such places as American Heritage and Hogan’s Alley. He is a “talking head” in the documentary featurettes on several Peanuts DVDs, and has spoken about Peanuts at The Charles M. Schulz Museum, at the San Diego Comic-Con, and at the Peanuts Collectors Club’s Beaglfest. Nat is also the publisher of the About Comics line, which includes several volumes of Schulz’s non-Peanuts work.

This site is independent of Peanuts Worldwide LLC and of the Schulz estate, and they are not responsible in any way for its content.