The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Drunken Charlie Brown

A very short podcast this week with a nineteenth century tale about a very different Charlie Brown.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Recycled titles

Some Peanuts book titles are used again and again.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: The Charlie Brown Dictionary

If┬áThe Charlie Brown Dictionary is the best dictionary ever, it’s only because Charlie Brown is a more compelling character than Ms. Miriam Webster, Mr. Oxford English, or Dr. Lois “Fun Can” Wagnalls.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Mailbag 2: More Mailbag

The AAUGH Blogger opens up his queries and comments from you, the wonderful AAUGH Blog Podcast Audience, answers some, muses on some, and accepts a compliment. Send your comments to !

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Politics and Peanuts

While the Peanuts strip rarely aimed in direct blatant ways of the politics of the moment, beyond the strip politics and Peanuts became entwined in a number of ways.


The latest news and notes for collector’s of Luchless Z. March’s famed comic strip, Peapod.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast 17: Wallace Exman Interview

The AAUGH Blogger interviews Wallace Exman, who edited Peanuts books for both World Publishing and Holt, Rinehart, and Winston in the 1960s and 1970s.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: The Most Controversial Peanuts Book of All!

There are hundreds of Peanuts books, so many that most pass by without much public notice. But there was one that found itself the focus of a bit of a public tussle. In this episode, we explain why. For those who have listened to this episode, here’s the reference section. …

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Romance

This week’s podcast take a look at romance, both how Charles Schulz lived it and how he depicted it.

The AAUGH Blog Podcast: What is a book, anyway?

The Reference library has many, many Peanuts books… including a few things that aren’t quite books, and others that are barely books, and others that are books and more. We take an (audio) look at them here.