A Charlie Brown Christmas airing

Tonight, at the start of ABC primetime in the U.S. Meanwhile, I’ve added a couple editions to the A Charlie Brown Christmas book guide – just variant formats of the original Dale Hale adaptation. And I think there’s one more of those to come. (I’m kind of surprised that there …


Ferreting out more A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations

There are at least a couple more A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations/editions that aren’t on my big guide yet, and if anyone out there would like to help by sending pictures of them (and publishing/copyright date, if possible), please do: There was an album-sized record released, with a storybook included, …

Classic finds

our holiday project – the A Charlie Brown Christmas book guide

This is what I was promising yesterday – sorry, but it took me a few more hours than expected to put it together. But now, at last, civilization is ready for: The Evergreen, Evergrowing Guide to A Charlie Brown Christmas Books! Spread the word!


Big discount, Calvin & Hobbes, four hours only

I know a lot of you are comics fans in general, and here’s a good but very-limited-time offer — the $150 Complete Calvin and Hobbes boxed set is 47% off (usually, it’s 37% off… so that’s another $15 in savings. Click here, then click on the View Gold Box offer …


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving airs

A CB Thanksgiving shows Tuesday in the U.S., at the start of ABC’s primetime lineup. So tune-in if you want the laughs, the jelly beans, the bird-on-bird cannibalism…


The Class of 1950

There was something in the water during the 1950-1951 school year. Peanuts started in October, of course, and is still running strong in reruns after an almost 50 year run. Dennis the Menace started in March of 1951. Not as long-running but strong on the quality scale, King Aroo started …


Peanuts stuff in Life

No, not the cereal. No, not the board game. No, not the reality. The magazine! Then again, if you’re a big blog reader, you’re probably not surprised by that. You’re likely to have seen other blogs talking about the fact that Google has put the Life magazine photo database online. …


Camp Snoopy

With a daughter who had just turned 4, and whose preschool would be closed for Veteran’s Day, I had a thought. “Hey, let’s take her to Knott’s Berry Farm! Their Camp Snoopy section has a lot of rides for the kids, and Veterans’ Day isn’t one of those days that …


Jazz for Peanuts

A new CD had dropped: Jazz for Peanuts: A Retrospective of the Charlie Brown TV Themes. It’s mostly David Benoit, with a little bit of Winton, a little Kenny, and a little Vince. Available as a physical CD, or as an eco-friendly download. And on that jazzy note, let me …


new Peanuts cartoons!

I’ve known this was in the works for a while, but wasn’t sure when it was going to hit: new, short downloadable Peanuts cartoons, adapting 1960s strips. The AP is reporting that the first 20 will be available via iTunes today. The first couple are free (for a limited time), …