Maybe Charlie Brown just got his head stuck in a baby box?

The online ad that you see here (which is just a copy; you cannot click through on this one and have your insurance needs seen to) reminds me of something that I failed to do at San Diego Comic-Con. The Universal UClick booth had a green screen frame you could …


How the gang grows up

There are lots of comedic and intellectual attempts to show how the Peanuts characters age – and generally, they are faux comedic or faux intellectual. (I’d place “Riot On Cell Block P”, which can be read for free here or downloaded to your Kindle for 99 cents, into that latter …


A signed sign

I was in Las Vegas yesterday, doing… wait, I think the laws of Las Vegas prohibit anyone from saying what they were doing in Las Vegas. Anyway, I was passing by a memorabilia shop, and the Charlie Brown zig-zag caught my eye. I looked up, and the zig-zag proved to …


Ties and cutting ties

This is the pattern on the new tie I just got via eBay. Actually, I think it’s a used tie – I cannot find this one for sale anywhere now – but in good shape, so it doesn’t matter. Now, I’m not a tie guy, but clearly either this is …


A calming strip

As the supposed zero hour approaches, I realized I should’ve posted this earlier:


Snoopy involved in recent news events

It is now a week since it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed… and during that time, the story of what had happened has changed several times. Luckily, The Royal Guardsman – the same folks who brought us the songs depicting the conflict between Snoopy and the …


Clarification on the Sweet Dreams cloth book

Talking about the Sweet Dreams, Snoopy board books, I made a reference to a cloth book called simply Sweet Dreams, based on a seeing it at this Etsy shop. At the time I was thinking “hey, that’s hopefully the only one of the cloth books which I don’t have!” (it’s …


The Peanuts kiss countdown

Over at another website, they were polling people to name the 5 greatest kisses in comics history – and being the man that I am, all of the good kisses which came to mind were from Peanuts (sounds of shocked surprise fill the room). So for Valentine’s Day, I thought …


My apologies

I just put out a post that had “2010 is coming” in the title. Please rest assure that this was inaccurate; 2011 is coming. For better or for worse, we will not be simply rerunning the current year. (Better, overall.)


Christmas is here, 2010 is coming

I hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas – the family, the food, and not least of all, the gifts (and remember, if you have a new Kindle, or an iPad with a Kindle app, the price of Schulz’s Youth has been cut to $4.99 for the time being). But let’s …