A puzzle or a riddle?

The other day, I posted this cover: … with the caption “As for the title, I’m as befuddled as Charlie Brown is by the title of his book” Several alert Japanese-literate AAUGH Blog readers dropped a line to let me know that the title is Snoopy’s nazo nazo kyoushitsu, which …


A foreign view of Schulz’s America

As a publisher, I’m being made happy by this article on the new French edition of Schulz’s Youth, which looks at this collection of Schulz’s Christian youth cartoons as window onto American religiosity. It’s an interesting outsider perspective on the work, and I look forward to seeing the response to …


CORRECTIONL a big coupon

BN is doing a big coupon deal, just good today and tomorrow – 20% off of any one item, and that’s off of their already discounted prices. So Celebrating Peanuts, which lists for $75, and they usually price at $45, and which they are now running under an everyone-gets-member-prices deal …


Franklin in action

What you’re looking at is a Franklin action figure – I’m told it’s the first figure for this fine fellow. It’s part of this new A Charlie Brown Christmas action figure set… and if that gives you a moment of pause, it should. Franklin wasn’t in the special A Charlie …


Happy Beethoven’s birthday!

I hope you’re all eenjoying your Beethoven’s birthday celebrations. But while you’re exchanging your presents and singing your Beethoven carols,let us reflect on the fact that so many have forgotten thetrue meaning behind the holiday: Choose to care.


The ways of eBay, and what people are buying

So I was searching for Peanuts books on eBay the other day (an exercise which has gained me a lot of items and cost me a lot of money over the years), and I came across a copy of the leatherbound Easton Press edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas: The …


Considering its rarity, it’s a good price.

If you head over to Amazon now, you can order a used copy of Peppermint Patty and Marcie for $266, plus shipping. Now that may sound like a lot of money, but consider this: as best as I can tell, this book was never published. This book was an odd …


More Willie, More Joe

For those of you who got the great big two-volume set of Willie & Joe: The World War II Years by Snoopy’s pal Bill Mauldin, next year brings a treat: Willie & Joe: Back Home. This continues the reprint series with Mauldin’s work, and this volume looks at an interesting …


A Sniffy answer

Sunday, I asked the question of why this comic book is in the reference library: The answer is that back in 1950, Schulz had cut a deal to syndicate a comic strip about three kids and a dog… and he planned to name the dog “Sniffy”. Then he was …


Contest – an odd addition to the library

I just added this book to the presumably-prestigious, yet under-organized, reference library. “But the infamous reference library is focused on Schulz and Peanuts!” I hear you cry. “What could this comic book have to do with that?” I’m actually curious how many folks know the answer – if …