I am invisible to Amazon

The questionnaire that Amazon asked me to fill out about my recent purchase of a book of Peanuts jigsaw puzzle does not allow for the possibility that I bought it for myself. (Also, the list of 5 possible age ranges tops out at “2+ years”, which admittedly, I am.) Despite …


Libraries have books!

AAUGH Blog reader John pointed out that Peanuts are part of the campaign for September’s National Library Card Month. And since this blog is about the intersection of Peanuts and books, and since libraries have books, it qualifies! Go over to their website and you can check out the posters of Joe …


Birds that Snoopy has imitated

Birds that Snoopy has imitated include: VULTURE PENGUIN   FALCON


Going away from Charlie Brown

I’ve only just noticed that the spine of the thirteenth volume of the Complete Peanuts series has Charlie Brown facing the reader, while all the earlier volumes have various characters heading to the left and all the later ones heading toward the right. When the series is done this will …


He sure tied one on that day, though!

Regarding Thursday’s photo, cartoonist Dale Hale, who worked in Schulz’s studio during that era (you may have seen his work in some of those 1950s/1960s Peanuts comic books), assures me that Schulz did not normally wear a tie while drawing. His preferred clothing was golf shirts. So Peanuts was not as …


Nat’s last minute gift trick

So, you’ve basically run out of time to buy gifts, eh? Here’s my trick: Preorder an upcoming book (or DVD, or CD, etc.) for someone. Instead of having an actual gift under the tree, print out a little card telling them what they’re receiving. That may sound just a little awkward, but …


Recommended Peanuts book gifts

  So, you want to get someone a Peanuts book present, but am not sure what? Here are my suggestions. The “I really want to impress you with a large, expensive, impressive gift” gift: Peanuts: Artist’s Edition, an amazing, seriously oversized book reproducing Peanuts from the original art The “You think you like Peanuts, …


Snoopy was never one to chase cars anyway

According to this KPBS report, California has gotten orders for about 4800 Snoopy license plates, but needs 2700 more before they’ll start production, and this process frequently takes a couple years. I’ve got my order in!



This weekend’s radio show “Off-Ramp”, on the acclaimed Southern California public radio station KPCC, has a piece where they talk to Harriet Glickman, the woman inspired Schulz to add racially integrate the strip, along with Ken Kelly, who helped her on the campaign. But don’t hop in the car now …


got myself a gifty!

Yes, yes, I gave in and paid eBay prices for one of these, after spending months looking for one in the wild.