Scholastic Snoopy


During this Season of Nigh-Infinite Peanuts Books, I’ve been keeping my eye on the Scholastic Book catalogs, those book order forms that kids bring home from school. After all, they’ve carried Peanuts books in the past, and they frequently have books that tie in with the latest kid films, so surely they would have Peanuts books during this time, right? And maybe they’d have editions that one couldn’t find elsewhere.

Up until yesterday, there was nothing. Yesterday, there was… something. Actually, there were two somethings. There was the usual monthly catalog, and that had on its cover an offer to get a free Peanuts eraser with an order. And then there was the holiday catalog, filled with more up-priced items, and on its cover was a chance to get a free Peanuts “reading reward” (whatever that means – is that a reward you can read, like a book, or a reward for reading?) with an order.

But the odd thing was… neither catalog had any Peanuts books for sale! Noda, zip, zilch. If you want a free Peanuts Reading Reward, you can get it by ordering Star Wars books or Lego books or Captain Underwear books… but not Charlie Brown books.

The world confuses me sometimes.

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