a contest with a cool Peanuts book prize!

It’s time for to run its first contest, and thanks to the folks at Fantagraphics, we have a cool prize for some Peanuts book collector out there. How would you like to win volumes 1-3 of The Complete Peanuts… in Italian?!? How many of your collecting friends have those? …


Schulz shirt

I have a number of t-shirts with Charles Schulz drawings on them, but I don’t have a t-shirt with a drawing of Charles Schulz on it.


Completely Peanuts? Completely foreign to me!

In the wake of last night’s post about foreign language edition of The Complete Peanuts, I got a reader inquiry about “hey, is it going to be available in thus-and-such a language?” (Hi, Dan!) And so, to head off getting that inquiry one at a time for every possible language, …


How has Peanuts inspired you?

Derrick Bang, the man behind the Peanuts anniversary book 50 Years of Happiness and editor on the collection of Schulz’s other strip, It’s Only a Game, is casting about for stories about how Peanuts has affected people. Let me turn the blogmike over to him: Calling all Peanuts fans! Don …


A bit of publishing history

For those interested in publishing history, here’s a nice article on St. John, a comic book publisher that published Peanuts material in various titles. (Link via Mark Evanier.) And remember, we have a quick guide to all of the Peanuts comic book appearance as part of our collecting guide.


Snoopy’s Legal Guardian

The L.A. Times today has a good write-up on Jeannie Schulz, Sparky’s widow. I think they capture Jeannie well.

Classic finds

German love

The latest addition to the reference library is Liebe ist ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln, which is the 1967 German translation of the pictures-and-aphorism book Love is Walking Hand in Hand. Actually, “translation” is taking it too far. My German is pretty bad, but even I noticed that the …


Charlie Brown & Snoopy & Snoopy & Charlie Brown

What you see here are side-by-side copies of two books. On the left is Charlie Brown & Snoopy, and on the right is Snoopy & Charlie Brown. Same cover. Same pictures and text on the inside. Slightly different in size, different cut shape, and of course a different title. I’m …


Happiness Is… an old cover design

It looks as though the upcoming Cider Mill Press rereleases of the old Determined Productions saying-and-picture books will sport the original cover designs as well. While some of these covers speak to the era when they were designed, that’s not a bad thing; the odds are good that a lot …


Camp Peanuts cover and last minute gifts

We have a first look at the cover of It’s Off to Camp, Charlie Brown. It won’t actually be available until May, but hey, that’s what makes it a first look. It is nice to see a cover that isn’t just a blue sky fading down to green grass for …