A signed sign

I was in Las Vegas yesterday, doing… wait, I think the laws of Las Vegas prohibit anyone from saying what they were doing in Las Vegas. Anyway, I was passing by a memorabilia shop, and the Charlie Brown zig-zag caught my eye. I looked up, and the zig-zag proved to be part of a fairly nice custom framing job on a signed copy of the Original Cast album for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. It was signed by Schulz, a great signature to have… and then I saw it was also signed by Bill Melendez. AAUGH!

I mean, Melendez’s signature is a good one to have, on the right thing. Schulz’s signature is great to have on any Peanuts thing, Melendez’s signature great to have on any animated Peanuts-related thing… but even though he would later work on an animated adaptation of the state show, one cannot claim that he had anything to do with the stage show itself. It changes the object from one that’s great to one with a niggling problem.

On one hand, the shop felt this piece of memorabilia to be good enough that it had a price on it in the low four figures. On the other hand, well, if they still had it in their window, they haven’t gotten those four figures for it yet, have they?


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