Peanuts across the holiday season

Well, now that we’re all done celebrating Beethoven’s birthday, it’s time to start preparing for the next major holiday, which is Christmas. And walking around the streets, I see that many folks are getting very Peanutsy in their decorations. I saw one house which at first I thought “hey, there’s Snoopy on the roof of his doghouse”, but then I realized it was something nicely odd:

Yes, that’s right, it’s a giant inflatable Snoopy Sno-cone Machine! That’s… well, that’s some level of bizarre, but a fun level of bizarre.

(By the way, if you click the photo you can order one from Amazon, but I’d feel guilty if I didn’t point out that while Amazon usually has quite good prices – and yes, kicks me back a cut – these guys have it at about half of Amazon’s price.)

Closer to home, the guy just down the street has his window filled with the Peanuts Nativity Scene:

I have to admit that with the Holy Baby Woodstock, the Virgin Lucy, and Snoopy the non-German shepherd, this set leaves me feeling that there is a lot I don’t know about both theology and Peanuts.

Hey, looking through other Peanuts nativity items, I see a huge 88% discount on this wooden Peanuts nativity item – which retains the symbology, although at least presents it as a Christmas pageant. Also using the pageant explanation is this set of mini-figures with stage (which is also listed at a steep discount but in this case the original price seems inflated.) For about the same price you get this set of fewer but larger figures, including Snoopy as a sheep.

Although I have to admit, as much as the Peanuts nativity scene may bemuse me, I’m more befuddled by all the manger tableaus around here that have reindeer in Bethlehem…



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