New releases

Celebrating Snoopy

The new hardcover from UK Peanuts publisher Ravette, Celebrating Peanuts, is not, as I guessed earlier, a reprint of Peanuts Guide to Life. Nor is it a reprint or abridgement of Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years. Instead, it’s an original strip collection, covering the entire run of the strip (well, it …

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Good riddance to bad bio

That plagiarized Schulz… excuse me, “Schultz” biography for the Kindle I complained about a few weeks back? It’s gone. If you try to go to the Amazon page which had it, you get an error. It hasn’t disappeared from the Kindles or hard disks of those of us who purchased …

Schulz/Peanuts news

Trudeau tips his hat

Doonesbury ended a week-long run on the topic of the now-failed rapture prediction with a tip of the hat to Peanuts.

Classic finds

Sparkle Comics

I just completed my run of Peanuts appearance in the comic book series Sparkle Comics, which wasn’t that tricky to do – they were only in one issue. Peanuts started in issue 33 (Feb-Mar 1954), and the series never saw an issue 34. Sparkle was published by United Features Syndicate, …


A calming strip

As the supposed zero hour approaches, I realized I should’ve posted this earlier:

Upcoming releases

Waiting for Charlie Brown

Here in the Reference Library, we have a section for “Not That Charlie Brown”, which has a couple of biographies of people named Charlie Brown in it. (We do keep the biography of Charlie Brown, Schulz’s co-worker for whom he named the character, separate.) Now I find that released-but-temporarily-unavailable …

New releases

My Favorite Colors by Snoopy review

I managed to get my copy of the Wendy’s Kids’ Meal book My Favorite Colors a couple days earlier than expected. (In my experience, you don’t even have to walk into the Wendy’s to find when they have the new toys in stock; the ad sheet for the toys their …

New releases

Snoopy and the illusion of authorial expertise

The book coming in the next few days to a Wendy’s Kid-Under-3 Meal near you (and, I hope, near me), My Favorite Colors, is not listed as being by Schulz. Rather, it’s by Snoopy himself. In most cases, this would merely be a curiosity, but in this case, it’s problematic. …

New releases

Spellcheck doesn’t work too well with names

Yes, yes, it’s one thing to go after big professional publishers, but it’s cheap to go after some little guy trying to exploit the public domain and the creative commons for their imperfections. What can I say, I’m cheap. And thus I’ll point out that Mr. Schultz-with-a-T has popped up …

New releases

Worse than the worst Schulz biography

So in the wake of recent posts, I’ve been discussing Bad Schulz Biographies with several people, and in a couple instances the topic led to a book I’ve discussed earlier – there’s a company that packages Wikipedia articles (all readable for free) into print-on-demand books (something that Wikipedia will do …