Clarification on the Sweet Dreams cloth book

Talking about the Sweet Dreams, Snoopy board books, I made a reference to a cloth book called simply Sweet Dreams, based on a seeing it at this Etsy shop. At the time I was thinking “hey, that’s hopefully the only one of the cloth books which I don’t have!” (it’s one of a series of “books” sold as fabric panels, which you have to sew yourself or, as in this case, buy it from someone who sewed it up.)

Then I realized that I do have that book… but my confusion was obvious. You see, it’s not actually called Sweet Dreams. As you’ll see in this eBay listing of the fabric panel, it’s actually called Snoopy: Baby’s Best Friend; the etsy one is just using one of the inside pages as the cover!


  As these two ads, from 1954 and 1961 respectively, show, Patty and Violet had a rather consistent relationship… living on slightly different planes, and not introducing themselves, but giving a name to each other. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

The Untouchable Charlie Brown

If you look at this ad, you may be wondering (as I did when I stumbled across it) why Charlie Brown is advertising a television show in 1963… and why, of all shows, he’s advertising┬áThe Untouchables. (Or you may be one of the many people now populating the earth too …

Peanuts First Edition guide

As proud as I am of my Peanuts Book Collectors Guide, it is not the be-all and end-all guide…. and as much as I have visions of making it so, the real life of being a father of two, the runner of a business, a make of dinners, and a …