Still time for last-minute gifts

As I type this, you have about an hour-and-a-half left to order gifts to arrive before Christmas, with overnight shipping. After that, you can, of course, still order gift cards to print out or email. (Although I bet if you can get the owner of that Schulz Christmas card art their $45,000 now, they’d be willing to rush to the post office to get it to you overnight.)

Me, I’m taking care of things. Last night I finished off my family video holiday card, and now I’m in a mad rush to take care of a zillion little things. But I will be spending time with family, and there is much to be said for that (albeit, perhaps, in smaller doses than what I am getting.)

I don’t know if I’ll be posting any more before the holiday is through, so I’m really posting to wish you this: May you get everything you want, even a few things you didn’t know you wanted until you got them (and those things don’t always take material form.)


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