Sealtesting your certainty

A few weeks back, I posted a non-Peanuts ad from 1957 that some people told me they were sure it was Schulz, but others were as certain that it wasn’t. Well, here’s another recent addition to my collection, an ad from 1957; the same image was used for “Sealtest Chocolate …


Joyce’s gardens

I tend not to write much about the post-divorce life of Schulz’s first wife, Joyce. She deserved a reasonable modicum of privacy. However, in the wake of her recent passing, I thought it worth pointing to something very public that she and Ed Doty (her husband after Sparky) did: They …


introducing Peanuts characters

In the early days of Peanuts, it may have been a little hard to get to know the characters, because Schulz didn’t often include their names in the strip. Shermy, for example, was the very first Peanuts character to speak in the strip, the only character to talk in the …


The annual shopping guide

Time for this annual post. Sorry to those who are sick an tired of such things, but most of this are things that I feel need to be said for the “shopping season”… and those that aren’t are, well, self-serving attempts to continue to justify this blog. Gift-giving season is …

Snoopy, in sack cloth and with rumpled hair, thinking "unclean! unclean! unclean! unclean!"

The Unmasked Marvel (yes, I did use this title in the past week)

The current debate about health and masking has brought in some interesting players. One famed TV preacher has suggested that G-d would not want you to wear a mask, because then he can’t hear your prayers. Which seems an odd thing to say about G-d (and creates a great way …


Today in “That’s not Schulz!”

Today in “that’s not Schulz!”, we have this promotional piece that ran in the Battle Creek (Michigan) Enquirer and News in 1959.

Peanuts Reel Intelijunt

Disrespecting Doctor Schulz

Over at the Hogan’s Alley Facebook group, James Gauthier posted a 1965 article about Schulz receiving an honorary degree. The article bore this respectful (if mispunctuated) headline: I was curious how other papers covered the event, so I looked it up. This paper had a headline that dissed Schulz: This …


Peanuts meets Escher

Looking through the online archive of Peanuts strips at the GoComics site, one can find some interesting mistakes along the way. In some cases, the mistake seems to be in one of the computer systems used in the archiving of Peanuts, like what they have for the November 17, 1996 …

Comic book Peanuts

Peanuts graphic novel chat

Here’s one for Peanuts book fans: a week from today, the Schulz Museum is hosting a Zoom panel with the creative team of the new adapted-from-an-unproduced-TV-special graphic novel Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown. More details can be found at Calendar of Events – Charles M. Schulz Museum


Maybe he just has a really powerful comb

I know that it can be hard to interpret the Peanuts characters for 3-D, and particularly to stylize them, but in this new set of blind bag ornaments from Hallmark, Linus appears to have cornrows.