an AAUGH Blogger dilemma


Look at this! It’s a book! It’s a Peanuts-related book — a book about the recording of the music for A Charlie Brown Christmas — illustrated with Peanuts images. And it’s written by my compatriot, Derrick Bang, who knows his stuff. I want it, right? Of course I do!

The problem being: the book isn’t for sale on it’s own. It’s part of A Charlie Brown Christmas: Super Deluxe Edition (4-CD + Blu-Ray Audio Disc). That’s a lot of disks… and a lot of bucks. $99.99 if you preorder it now, ships in the coming month. A really good deal, if you want all of those outtakes from the session, but that just ain’t my groove.

Now, when AAUGH Blog reader Bill recommended that I look at this listing, he thought (given the images) that the text was a book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and you know that those are my Charlie Brown Kryptonite. But since it’s not, I think I have the willpower to do without. Think. We shall see how the month goes!

Joe Matt, RIP

Word is going around about the death of cartoonist Joe Matt, of heart attack at his drawing board, at age 60. Best known for hiw blunt autobiographical comic book series Peepshow, his relevance to the Peanuts world is as one of the three alt cartoonists who reworked Peanuts strips to make …

Peanuts Schultz

Alert brother-of-the-blog Dave recently pointed out that the 1946 film Our Hearts Were Growing Up (a sequel to the more-beloved 1942 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay) has William Demarest playing a character named Peanuts Schultz. A little investigation told us why the character had that name which would echo oddly to …

You don’t know how much I wish this were real.

Sick and tired of people trying to sell bootleg Peanuts books on Amazon by listing someone besides Charles M. Schulz as the author? Sure you are, and I’ve long since stopped talking about it. But now I see that someone is trying to balance matters! Yes siree, it’s a bootleg …