an AAUGH Blogger dilemma


Look at this! It’s a book! It’s a Peanuts-related book — a book about the recording of the music for A Charlie Brown Christmas — illustrated with Peanuts images. And it’s written by my compatriot, Derrick Bang, who knows his stuff. I want it, right? Of course I do!

The problem being: the book isn’t for sale on it’s own. It’s part of A Charlie Brown Christmas: Super Deluxe Edition (4-CD + Blu-Ray Audio Disc). That’s a lot of disks… and a lot of bucks. $99.99 if you preorder it now, ships in the coming month. A really good deal, if you want all of those outtakes from the session, but that just ain’t my groove.

Now, when AAUGH Blog reader Bill recommended that I look at this listing, he thought (given the images) that the text was a book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and you know that those are my Charlie Brown Kryptonite. But since it’s not, I think I have the willpower to do without. Think. We shall see how the month goes!

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