Peanuts Guides to Life

The new British series Peanuts Guide to Life is a nice one. This is a series of character-oriented, themed strip collections. We get: The Genius of Charlie Brown Life Lessons from Lucy The Philosophy of Snoopy The Wisdom of Woodstock. These are hardcovers, no dust jackets, but with golden highlights on …


Golden cover

Here’s the cover to one of the 65th anniversary books, You’re Golden, Charlie Brown. He sure doesn’t look golden!


Psycho-economy of Charlie Brown

Coming next month for Kindle users (and preorderable now) is The Psycho-economy of Charlie Brown: Strategies for a happier society. Well, actually, it’s La psicoeconomia di Charlie Brown: Strategie per una società più felice, because the darned thing is in Italian. And (courtesy of Google Translate), this is what it’s about: Nobody …


Lucy van Randian

Lucy lists some of the people who make this country great, from the Hallmark book What Makes This Country So Great? (1972). So my suggestion in the previous post that a Peanuts book might have endorsed Ayn Rand was not coming out of left field,

Classic finds

Oh, No! Charlie Green!

While looking into Kanrom, the company that published the books I reprinted in Happiness is a Rat Fink and Unhappiness is a Dirty Dog, I discovered that wasn’t the last time that company took on Schulz’s work. In 1971, they put out a booklet (which was much of what they published, …


It seems to be the season…

I got five separate envelopes with Peanuts books in them today. I’m only expecting two tomorrow.



Yes, I’m taking the occasion of my eldest child’s first day of kindergarten to point out that The Complete Peanuts volumes are now available for reading on your Kindle (or through Kindle software on your computer or tablet.) This would not be my preferred method of reading these items, I’m …


Pretty little Snoopy with the fringe on top

I was so happy with the Snoopy Goes To Broadway book I bought last week that I bought another one. Oklahoma, OK?


There’s no disguising Woodstock

Coming next March is another comic strip collection in the AMP Comics For Kids series, Woodstock: Master of Disguise. It is now available for preorder. These are full-color, thick collections with extras, at a good price.


Another Comic-Con Peanuts panel

My aged Mac just started refusing to boot up, so forgive me if this cut-and-paste job on my iPad doesn’t look smooth… Snoopy, his sister Belle, and other Sibling relationships in Peanuts Though he himself was an only child, Charles Schulz recognized the potential for drama and humor inherent in …