Anyone have this Snoopy-covered Pebble Beach golf program

Longshot: does anyone have a copy of the golf program shown here? (I only need access to this particular year – don’t bother telling me about other years, I’ve already got ’em!) If so, email me at nat@aaugh.com – thanks!  


Fashion bags

I stopped by the pop-up Snoopy & Belle In Fashion store at 266 Fifth, near the San Diego Comic-Con. It’s a display of dozens of the Snoopy and Belle figures draped by famous design houses, with special tote bags and pins for sale. 


At the Peanuts booth

Despite not being announced on the San Diego Comic-Con website, the Peanuts booth does have exclusive t-shirts.  And do you have to wait in line to get one? Well, actually, you can’t. You have to wait to wait in line! Turns out, people like Peanuts stuff!


Not every Peanuts press release gives you information like this!

As a result of the closing of the Acquisition, each holder of Subscription Receipts received, for no additional consideration and subject to adjustment, one special warrant (each a “Special Warrant” and, collectively, the “Special Warrants”) that, upon the satisfaction of certain conditions, shall be automatically exercised, for no additional consideration, …


Franklin on Ice!

Amazon may not be showing it yet on their listing for It’s Hockey Time, Franklin!, but we’ve got a (preliminary) cover here for you! Enjoy! Note that everyone has a closed-mouth smile. That’s so we can’t see if they’ve got any teeth knocked out yet, the sign of a true …



We’ve got some covers for upcoming board books. September brings us Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!, with plenty of time to integrate it into your holiday. Then there’s December’s Who’s Your Valentine, Charlie Brown? – it’s heart-shaped, it’s a book… that means that it’s a heart with a spine!


A Charlie Brown Christmas Wooden Collectible Set

Popping onto the September schedule is something called A Charlie Brown Christmas Wooden Collectible Set. What is it? Well, it’s published by Running Press, and it’s listed as a 32 page paperback, but the name suggests it has “stuff”. So I’m assuming it’s one of their “kits”, the little boxes with …


The Peanuts Character Whatever

We have a cover for the book that’s been announced as The Complete Peanuts Character Encyclopedia… only now it seems to have the title of The Complete Peanuts Family Album. It’s still by Andrew Farago. It is full of detail, and make a great trivia “how many can you name” challenge. …

Greatest hits

It’s what Google and Stephen Colbert have in common

One of the thing that can slow down Peanuts research is the ability of Google to find Snoopy everywhere… even if it’s an illusion. For example, when searching for uses of the word “Snoopy” in books from the 19th century, Google served me up the following examples. Two guys named …


Jacky Ha-Ha

For those of us who consume audiobooks, the Peanuts books market is rather weak. After all, most of them are collections of comics or at least heavily-illustrated kids books where, if the text were recorded, it would take up just a few minutes of listening during one’s daily exercise regimen. …