In recent weeks, I’ve added two kinda-books to the Reference Library. I talked about The Great Big Book of Peanuts Word Seeks volume 1 when I ordered it. Each of its 129 themed word search puzzles had below it a Peanuts strip on the same theme — if the hidden words are all about thanksgiving foods, then the strip is one where Linus lists the things Gramma is going to serve, etc. With an additional strip on the introductory page of the book/magazine, that brings it to 130 Peanut strips, more than in many a smaller Peanuts collection. But because of the format, you don’t get any storylines, just stand-alone strips. But alas for me, word searches are not my puzzle of choice (I’m more of a crossword guy, preferringĀ New York Times Friday-or-harder-level puzzles.)

Dayspring, the Christian division of Hallmark, brings Peanuts: A Year’s Worth of Smiles and Blessings, a day-by-day stand-up desk calendar that, well, it’s spiral bound and has hard covers, it kinda counts as a book, right? The back describes it as a “one-of-a-kind collection of Peanuts comic strips, including many original inspirational strips and Bible Scriptures.” Now, coming up with original Bible Scriptures at this late date is impressive; I reckon all of them would’ve been put into a book long since.

This calendar is not meant to be used as a planner. There’s no space for writing your schedule, and it is lacking such things as the day of the week for each day. That’s because this is supposed to be a permanent item, cheering up your desk every year (which is why this 2011 publication is still available.) Most of the pages have strips (with some leaning toward strips that cite the Bible.) Those that don’t have a Peanuts image, either with a little saying or an upbeat Bible verse.

New releases
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The new kids book To Mom and Dad with Love says that it’s an adaptation of a The Snoopy Show episode “To Mom and Dad with Love”… which is interesting, because as things are sorted on the Apple TV+ service that hosts such things, this isn’t a The Snoopy Show …

Classic finds
Peanuts Adventures

Every once in a while, a Peanuts book slips by me. That’s particularly true of a book like Peanuts Adventures, a book that didn’t get distributed through the standard book distribution means. This book was designed for the discount racks. When you go to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble …

New releases
The “new” Peanuts story

I just received Adventures with Linus and Friends!, the second of the three announced books in Simon Spotlight’s Peanuts Graphic Novels line. About half of the book is a reprint of the graphic novel adaptation of Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, the direct-to-video special released in 2011. Most …