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I’m a Peanuts book collector.

Now, that should come as no surprise to the readers of this blog. But occasionally I point out that I am not a “Peanuts collector”. I certainly accumulate other Peanuts stuff, but the thing I am aiming to be a completist on is books. And even within that, I excuse myself from collecting things like notebooks and activity books…. which I accumulate as well.

But sometimes what falls into the category of my collection can be arguable. For example, AAUGH Blog Reader Dennis pointed me toward The Great Big Book of Peanuts Word Seeks. Now, I’ve seen the periodical Peanuts Word Seeks magazines, but those are magazines, so they fall outside of the “gotta have it” criteria. But this thing… well, it says “book” in the title. Sure, it’s appearing on magazine racks, and it has an “on-sale until” date like a magazine, but again, “book” in the title.  Right there, can’t ignore it, right?

But the cover says it’s a “special collector’s issue” — books don’t have issues! But it also has a volume number… some books have volume numbers, but for magazines the volume number applies to the whole year, not the individual publication.

So I guess we’re in “bookazine” territory. Even if it is a book, a book of word search puzzles, that falls into the “activity book” exception, no? But it’s not just the puzzles. The pages also have Peanuts strips on them, so it’s a reprint publication… if an inefficient one.

So I gave in. I ordered one from the publisher yesterday. (And then today I see it in the local CVS. Could’ve saved myself the $1.50 shipping and a couple weeks of waiting!)

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a box of confusion

Here’s a quiz for you: imagine you, like AAUGH Blog reader Douglas, got a copy of a new boxed set of Peanuts books, and it had this marking on the box…. Now, first pretend that you (unlike Douglas) don’t know anything about Peanuts books. How many books do you think come …

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There are no more Sundays to come!

The tenth volume of Peanuts Every Sunday, containing all of the Sunday strips from 1996 through 2000, and the two-volume boxed set covering the final decade of the strip, have now both been released. Fantagraphics has yet another achievement with the completion of issuing of these large, lovely, respectful volumes. …

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100 Objects in bookstores!

Out TODAY is Charles M. Schulz: The Art and Life of the Peanuts Creator in 100 Objects. This is the Schulz Museum project that I cowrote with Benjamin L. Clark. Amazon is showing signs of having trouble keeping up with demand (they’re giving me an expected delivery time of 2-5 …