I can’t even pronounce this

AAUGH Blog reader Alan pointed out to me that in the UK, Amazon is offering a book of the writings of the great Charles M. Shculz. I checked, and it’s available in the US as well… only we have the edition that was published in 1656…. which is before there …

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I exploit email formatting as an excuse to promote something.

I’ve been hearing from folks who get the AAUGH Blog via email, over some formatting issues. The blog entries that have links to Amazon have some little invisible images on them; Amazon uses them to recognize that people are coming from my site and to credit me for your purchases. …

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Classic finds

The AAUGH Blogger gets his white whale

Every collector has their white whale, that one thing they want which seems to elude them. For me, for years, it has been School Peanuts 1. It’s not just a Peanuts book that I didn’t have — there are still many of those from around the word.  But it’s a …

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RIP M. Thomas Inge

We are hearing of the passage of pop culture historian M. Thomas Inge at the age of 85. Among his dozens of books about comics, there were two of particular interest to the AAUGH Blog crowd: My Life with Charlie Brown (collecting Schulz’s writings) and Charles M. Schulz: Conversations (collecting …

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Nat news

Boldly Going Where No AAUGH Blogger Has Gone Before

I’ll bet y’all thought that just because I’ve been doing The AAUGH Blog about Peanuts books for over two decades, and have written four books about Peanuts, and Peanuts comic book stories, that Peanuts was all that I could write about, didn’t you? But I’m a professional writer! I’ve written …

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New releases

Review: Happiness Is Having a Friend

I finally got my copy of Happiness Is Having a Friend (well, I got it a week ago; sorry about the slow posting, but life has been full of non-blog-related things.) This is a little hardback Peanuts book that is not meant for you to keep, but to fill in the …

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Upcoming releases

Fully A-Maze-ing

The mighty Joe Wos himself has slipped us the full cover for the upcoming A-Maze-ing Peanuts. Normally, I would not bother to post such a thing since we’ve already seen the front, but in the case, the back cover gives you an example maze you can solve, so why not? You …

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Now shipping

Charlie Brown’s America now e-shipping

Blake Scott Ball’s political analysis Charlie Brown’s America is now shipping… for the Kindle. Those of us who prefer to have trees murdered to make our books will just have to wait four weeks.

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Upcoming releases

A-Maze-Ing cover

Here’s the solicited cover for A-Maze-Ing Peanuts, the upcoming book of mazes by Maze-Toon cartoonist (and frequent Schulz Museum guest) Joe Wos. The book ships in October and is available for preorder.

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Not That Charlie Brown

Charlie Browns of the Cs

Digging through newspaper archives, I decided to delve into earlier Charlie Browns. These are just the ones that start with C from the 19th century: Crook (1822): Cricketeer (1860): Cairo-bound steamer (1862): Confederate prisoner (1862): Congressional candidate (1863): Concerning choice of spouse (1863): Coat borrower (1866): Captain (1867):  

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