book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

the colors of Christmas

I recently picked up a copy of a book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas (a statement that I can make more frequently than perhaps any other human.) Attentive AAUGH Blog reader Thomas alerted me to this auction. It took sharp eyes to notice this, as the difference between this and …

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Upcoming releases

Kids books to come

We’ve got the latest batch of solicitations, announcing two books for December and one for next March. If I Gave the World My Blanket is a board book with verse about caring, and not, as you may suspect, a sequel to If You Give a Mouse A Cookie nor Lucy’s …

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Now shipping

Celebrate Peanuts box set

Spotted and Costco (and apparently exclusive to them) is Celebrate Peanuts, a box set containing Celebrating Peanuts (the 60th anniversary strip collection, laden with quotes from Schulz) and Celebrating Snoopy (a similar volume focused on the beagle.) The original hardcovers of those two books have current list prices of $75 apiece, but these …

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New releases

Review: Charlie Brown’s America

I’ve been looking forward to Charlie Brown’s America: The Popular Politics of Peanuts for a while now, and while Blake Scott Ball’s look at how Peanuts both reflected and impacted the political and social issues of its day. While the book does not fulfill every hope that I had for it …

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Nat news

I discuss Peanuts elsewhere

For those who want to hear my finally say things about the works of Charles M. Schulz, I’m a guest on the just-released episode of It’s A Podcast, Charlie Brown. There I chat with host William Pepper about It’s Only a Game, Hagemeyer, and even Invisible Zeppelin, my podcast sitcom …

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Animated Peanuts

New Schulz documentary coming on AppleTV+

As part of their thus-far-strong line of Peanuts material, AppleTV+ is releasing a new documentary later this month on Schulz and Peanuts. Talkers on it include folks from the Schulz complex like Jeannie Schulz and Paige Braddock, Peanuts movie producer Paul Feig, reliably enthusiastic pop culture producer/commentator Kevin Smith, actor …

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Questions answered

Hagemeyer is not Peanuts

A metric eleventeen people have asked me about the articles that came out in the past week about the discovery of lost Schulz strips, some samples that Schulz had drawn up for a series about a woman boss called “Hagemeyer”. The existence of the strips didn’t come as a complete …

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I can’t even pronounce this

AAUGH Blog reader Alan pointed out to me that in the UK, Amazon is offering a book of the writings of the great Charles M. Shculz. I checked, and it’s available in the US as well… only we have the edition that was published in 1656…. which is before there …

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I exploit email formatting as an excuse to promote something.

I’ve been hearing from folks who get the AAUGH Blog via email, over some formatting issues. The blog entries that have links to Amazon have some little invisible images on them; Amazon uses them to recognize that people are coming from my site and to credit me for your purchases. …

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Classic finds

The AAUGH Blogger gets his white whale

Every collector has their white whale, that one thing they want which seems to elude them. For me, for years, it has been School Peanuts 1. It’s not just a Peanuts book that I didn’t have — there are still many of those from around the word.  But it’s a …

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