Not That Charlie Brown

Charlie Browns of the Cs

Digging through newspaper archives, I decided to delve into earlier Charlie Browns. These are just the ones that start with C from the 19th century: Crook (1822): Cricketeer (1860): Cairo-bound steamer (1862): Confederate prisoner (1862): Congressional candidate (1863): Concerning choice of spouse (1863): Coat borrower (1866): Captain (1867):  

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email subscriptions are taken care of

The transition to the new system sending out the blog by email is complete. And to clear up some confusion – everyone who was getting the blog by email on the old system has been transitioned to the new one; no new sign-up is needed. And I’ll take advantage of …

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Schulz/Peanuts news

Trusting journalism is hard

Did Schulz get idea from his kids? Was his dog like Snoopy? This 1957 article makes it clear: the answer to both questions is “no”! This 1958 article begs to differ!

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Upcoming releases

Upping my Game

I just found this post I had written two years ago and never put online… and realize I had not yet done what I’d promised to do here. So I am posting it now to shame myself into doing it! Today’s mail brought me my latest eBay purchase, the sort …

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Changing email feeds

I’m having to switch the service that handles sending out the blog to email subscribers. Those of you getting this by mail will, if all is working (fingers crossed) see this post in your emailbox twice, once from each service. Once I see that that is working, I will remove …

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Animated Peanuts

The First Thanksgiving.

It’s common knowledge that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving first aired on November 20, 1973. You can find that fact on the show’s IMDb page, or its Wikipedia page… at least if you check right now, before I get it fixed. You see, like much common knowledge, it appears to be wrong. …

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Dialogue balloon from the August 15, 1960 Peanuts
Greatest hits

Errors Live Forever

Charles Schulz was a stickler about language in his strip. You could see it in the way he included accurate shorthand or transcribed musical notes, the written language of music. He paid close attention to his punctuation. But all of that does not mean that he didn’t make mistakes. For …

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An age-old problem

In the US, one typically starts kindergarten at the age of 5. Charlie Brown was attending school before we first saw Linus, who was a baby at the time. Linus was attending school before Sally was born. Sally was attending school before Rerun was born. Rerun started school before the …

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Two lambs BAAAHH at Snoopy
New releases

Review: Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown

I managed to get my hands on a print copy of the new graphic novel Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown, which isn’t coming from Amazon for a couple weeks yet, simply by buying it at my local comic book store instead. (Support your comic shop, folks!) This is an adaptation of …

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Discounting Charlie Brown’s politics

While Amazon is still listing Charlie Brown’s America at full cover price for preorder, the publisher is offering a discount on copies ordered from them…. if you have the secret discount code. Which I have now swiped from them, as part of my secret plans to cost them money and …

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