The Peanuts Story Box

The fine folks at Costco get their own custom Peanuts book product with marked frequency, and I seem to have just found myself another one. The Peanuts Story Box is a boxed set of reduced-sized (I’d eyeball it at about half the original dimensions) versions of eight Peanuts storybooks, specifically Lose the Blanket, LinusNice to Meet You, Franklin!Snoopy and Woodstock’s Great AdventureYou’re a Big Brother, Charlie Brown!Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown!Kick the Football, Charlie Brown!Shoot for the Moon, Snoopy!, and Snoopy Takes Off!. I’m not finding any mention of this set on the web (not even on Costco’s website), so I reckon this is a freshly-released exclusive. The local store had it priced at $16.99, or a mite over $2 per book. I did not purchase one; I try to get all the books, but don’t worry about all the editions or all the boxes.

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Tales of the Werebeagle

I’m having some problem adding new images to the blog at the moment, so I’ll keep this just a text post. You can see the images at the links. Looks like this year’s Halloween book from Hallmark is The Tale of the Werebeagle, a hardcover kids storybook with a <SPOILER WARNING> …

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Unofficial archives

A year and a half back, I posted a review of Charlie and Friends in Tip Top Comics – The Full Series Reader Collection, a print-on-demand reprint of much the same material as in Peanuts Dell Archive, only without the license for using the Peanuts name. I found, unsurprisingly, that the …

Bulk Peanuts cheap

The folks at Hamilton Books have gotten ahold of the former big-box exclusive, the boxed set of paperback editions of the first three volumes of the Big Book of Peanuts series, collecting all the daily strips from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. They’re offering it for a mere $30, which might …