How the AAUGH Blogger sometimes misses books

New releases

I put some effort into getting all the Peanuts books released in the United States… yet sometimes I miss one. For example, I missed this deluxe songbook that came out last year.

How did I miss this? Well, even though it was not distributed through the normal book distribution routes, it’s quite likely that I saw it at some point. And merely got it confused with this book, which I already have:

How foolish of me, right?

(Now I have to decide whether it’s worth $35 to fill this hole in my collection. Sigh.)

Classic finds
the same old printings

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New releases
Snoopy Soars to Space

The first of the new Peanuts Graphic Novels line dropped this week,┬áSnoopy Soars to Space. Whether it’s a “graphic novel” depends on which of the fuzzy definitions of the term you’re using; it’s mostly reprints of pre-existing stories, although the first one is┬áThe Beagle has Landed, Charlie Brown, which was …

Classic finds

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