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I, your friendly neighborhood AAUGH Blogger, had a six minute conversation about Peanuts on Minnesota’s mighty WCCO radio during drive time this morning. You can listen to it here.

Blog reader Asher sent in  query about whether there were any Black Friday sales on Peanuts stuff, particularly Peanuts books. I haven’t done a lot of looking, but I managed to point to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at Fantagraphics, publisher ot the Complete Peanuts and Peanuts Every Sunday volumes, as well as other Peanuts books (and many fine non-Peanuts books.) Doing a quick check at Amazon, I see sales mostly on statuary like this. There are also slight discounts on one volume of Complete Peanuts and on Blake Scott Ball’s book Charlie Brown’s America: The Popular Politics of Peanuts.

We are now in the corridor of time when you can watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for free, without subscribing to Apple TV+ (although you do still need the app.)

Instructions on using Apple TV+
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Sam’s Club special

AAUGH Blog reader Bill alerted us to the fact the Sam’s Club stores have the boxed set The Peanuts Collection for a mere $11.98, about $9 less than when Costco had that set two years ago, and far far less than the total cost of the enclosed books (The Peanuts …

Various post-holiday notes

I hope that all of you who were Christmassing had a good one, and all of you who are Hannukafying are taking pleasure in these last few hours of the festival. Me, I not only got presents for both holidays, I got Peanuts presents for both. I’ll have pictures of …

Discount Schulz e-books

With my publisher hat on, I just launched our Cyber Monday sale, offering 9 different titles in PDF format for $5 apiece. While some of these are about half the price that I’ve sold these ebooks for before, the two that will be of interest to Schulz fans I’ve never …