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Schulz’s non-Peanuts days

I expect that 2010 will be represented by the usual number of Peanuts calendars… but in what I think will be a first, it will also be represented by a non-Peanuts Schulz calendar. It’s not up at Amazon yet, but here at the Barbour Books site, you can see that …

Upcoming releases

The Doctor is In

Coming in April is The Doctor Is IN: The Peanuts Psychiatric Help Kit. It’s got a 64 page book of psychiatric strips, plus a can to collect your nickel charges in.

Upcoming releases

talking on DVD

Yesterday, I got interviewed for featurettes for two upcoming Peanuts animated DVDs. That’s kind of odd for me in itself. After writing a bunch of books and talking at conventions and doing occasional other interviews, you’d think I’d be kind of used to people thinking I say things well enough …

Upcoming releases

Security Blankets – the book!

Here’s a book that I knew was in the works for a while, but which I missed that it was actually on the schedule. Security Blankets: How Peanuts Touched Our Lives takes a look at the impact that Peanuts has had on its fans. It’s put together by Derrick Bang …

Upcoming releases


Coming in October: A Charlie Brown Christmas: a Deluxe Book and Tree Kit I think you all know how happy this makes me.

Upcoming releases

Looking ahead at Complete Peanuts

One of the AAUGH.com elves slipped me this image: Billie Jean King is a logical choice to write introduction. Actually, I was just explaining Billie Jean and Bobby Riggs to a friend who wasn’t around for the 1970s – so in case there’s any of those in our audience here …

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It’s Flashbeagle time!

Yes, because you’ve been demanding it, Flashbeagle will finally be coming to all-digital DVD! It’s not getting the full respect it’s due – it’s the bonus episode on the disk, adding content to Snoopy’s Reunion – but it is there in all its Flashbeagly glory! Coming out in April, available …

Upcoming releases

Me on the DVD

I got a sneak preview copy of the releases-in-about-a-week DVD of You’re A Good Sport, Charlie Brown. And with a combination of fear and ego, I watched just the featurette, where I was one of the “talking heads” discussing things related to the special. And much to my surprise, I …

Upcoming releases

Cover: Complete Peanuts volume 11

Here’s the cover for this spring’s new release in the Complete Peanuts series: The volume has an introduction by the talented Kristin Chenoweth (whose enjoyable TV series Pushing Daisies is going away, sniff!) I hope that Santa Claus, Hannaklaus, or whatever powers that be have been good to you this …

Upcoming releases

the cover to You Can Be Anything!

Here is the cover to the upcoming book You Can Be Anything!: The cover to You Can Be Anything!, an upcoming book. I don’t really have anything to say about it other than it’s the cover to the upcoming book You Can Be Anything! I could try to fill out …