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More on The Unseen Peanuts

Fantagraphics has announced that their Free Comic Book Day giveaway The Unseen Peanuts will be made of strips that appear in The Complete Peanuts volumes 1 through 8, but which have not appeared in previous reprints books. Since this comic book will be coming out at about the same time …

Upcoming releases

mini Peanuts gift books on the horizon

Running Press is unleashing two more Peanuts books in their line of animated adaptations… well, actually, it looks like it’s more like one new book, and one existing book in a new package. Coming in October is A Charlie Brown Christmas: A Book and Tree Kit. They’ve released their edition …


Schulz biography now available for preorder

Coming this October is Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography, a major new biographical work by David Michaelis (688 pages!). Both the hardcover and the audiobook are now available for preorder. And here’s a note on preorders: for a long time, I cautioned folks not to preorder at the first opportunity, …

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Schroeder replay

Coming in October from Ballentine Books is Play It Again, Schroeder, a paperback strip collection. For those looking for strips about music (or at least about girls leaning on pianos), here you go! The title for this, as with the title for the TV special Play It Again, Charlie Brown, …

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a Peanuts comic book — for free!

In the comic book business, we have this annual event called Free Comic Book Day. On that day (usually the first Saturday in May), anyone can walk into almost any comic book store worthy of the name and get a comic book for free. Now, you can’t get just any …

Upcoming releases

Polishing up the cover

When I last showed you the cover of the upcoming book Schulz’s Youth, collecting Schulz’s teenager cartoons and other Warner Press work, it looked like this: Now, with perhaps some polishing still to go (or perhaps not), it looks like this:

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Here comes 2007

As I sit here, the clock is clicking down the last few hours of 2006. So what does 2007 have to offer the Charles Schulz book fan? Well, there’s the usual themed Peanuts collections, probably some more gift books, and so forth. Amidst all these common boks, there are four …

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New Peanuts books in Dutch

AAUGH blog fan Jan let us know that a new set of 10 Peanuts books (each with 600 strips on 200 pages) are planned to be published over the coming year by the Dutch company Atlas. More information is available here (in Dutch).

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Covering Schulz’s Youth

As long as I’m showing off other publishers’ upcoming covers, I figure it’s only fair that I show you the cover for Schulz’s Youth, next May’s collection of Schulz’s Warner Press work. This is a very tentative stage of the work – expect a lot of adjustment in color, fonts, …

Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts 7 cover

Here’s a preview of the Complete Peanuts 1963-1964 cover.