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Peanuts go Blu-Ray

I’m back from Comic-Con, and what did I get there? Strange foreign germs, apparently. Lots of cough medicine and bed rest and all the TV shows that are stored up on my pseudoTivo, that’s what’s called for. Anyone who went there for the Peanuts stuff may have been a mite …

Upcoming releases

Does it teach piloting a doghouse?

Added to next year’s books is Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Peanuts. 128 pages, hardcover, no further details at this time. As always, you can see a list of upcoming books here.

Upcoming releases

Schulz’s son’s new novel

Some of you may recall that Sparky’s son Monte is a novelist, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new novel from him… 18 years now, in fact. I knew something’s been in the works, but it’s finally seeing release — this October brings This Side of Jordan, …

Upcoming releases

More on that 60th Anniversary book

We’ve got some more details on the Peanuts 60th anniversary book I’ve been posting about lately: That’s what the publisher is calling it at the moment – The Peanuts 60th Anniverary Book. Nothing about “celebrating”, a term which only shows up on the Amazon listing. The size is 9.5″ x …

Upcoming releases

Not the celebrating!

Within hours after my last post, the “The” has been knocked off the title listed on Amazon for the 60th anniversary book, making it the more reasonable Celebrating Peanuts.

Upcoming releases

Peanuts 60th anniversary book

Want a big Peanuts book? How does 544 pages sound? Thats the solicited length for The Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years (if that’s really the title – sounds kind of awkward). Coming in October (’round about when Peanuts hits 59 years) this big book also bears a big list price. At …

Upcoming releases

My goodness, they keep publishing Peanuts books!

I just added two more books to our Upcoming Peanuts book list: Snoopy and Woodstock: Best Friends and Peanuts Philosophers, both due out about a year from now.

Upcoming releases

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Here’s a first look at the cover for the upcoming adaptation of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. It’s got stickers!

Schulz/Peanuts news

If you re-collect the 1960s, you weren’t really there

With Woodstock-the-bird serving as the mascot for Woodstock-the-music-festival, the folks at Warners thought it was a good time for a release of a boxed set of the 1960s Peanuts specials. The bad news is that this overlaps with specials that were already released on DVD. The good news is that …

Upcoming releases

Counting down the days to counting up the days

So of course, on the day after I post that the Schulz calendar is coming but is not yet available for preorder, the calendar becomes available for preorder.