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More Peanuts kids books

There haven’t been a lot of new Peanuts kids books being announced lately. You may not have realized it, but I sure did. It was certainly a switch from the avalanche we were getting before. Up until yesterday, we only had one kids book upcoming on the Upcoming Peanuts Book …

New releases

Magic disappearing Snoopy

In a recent AAUGH blog entry, I mentioned a pamphlet that had Peanuts on the inside but not on the outside. Now to make up for that we have Snoopy Magic Party Ideas, a ninety-five cent Hallmark booklet where the only Peanuts content is the cover. The characters are neither …


Silently Snoopy

Coming in October: It Goes Without Saying: Peanuts at Its Silent Best, a hardcover collection of wordless Peanuts strips. No matter what language your friends speak, this is a Peanuts book for them! And as long as I’m posting things: we won’t be seeing David Michaelis’s biography of Schulz until …

Upcoming releases

Three-legged Woodstock

Here’s the cover of the upcoming book of Woodstock strips — and I’m hoping that it’s a draft design rather than the final cover. My problem is not just that when this image is run at full cover size, the lack of a fourth leg on the chair would be …

Upcoming releases

Life, Peanuts Style

We’ve got some more info on Peanuts Guide To Life. It’s a collection focused on pithy insights found in Peanuts from across the strip’s 50 year run. This one isn’t shipping until May — but if you’re sitting there with a newly-received Amazon gift certificate, remember that you can place …

Upcoming releases

Pumpkins of the future!

I just got caught up covering this year’s Halloween books, and it’s already time to start talking about next year’s! Baby Snoopy’s Pumpkin, a board book for the wee ones, comes out in August of aught-five. Before that, we get The Peanuts Guide To Life from Running Press, the same …

Upcoming releases

Yet another Schulz bio for kids!

It seems like Sparky has turned into quite a popular topic for books aimed at kids library. Next up, this January, is a new such volume in the First Biographies line. Let’s hope that author Cheryl Carlson hits the mark better than some of the lesser shelf-fillers that have come …

Upcoming releases

Next Complete cover online!

Check out Pig-Pen on the cover of volume 3 of The Complete Peanuts!

Upcoming releases

Woodstock’s a star!

Coming up next April is the strip collection Woodstock: A Bird’s Eye View, from Ballantine Books.

Upcoming releases

Archives of the future

It’s still a year away, but you can already take a sneak peak at the cover of The Complete Peanuts Volume 4: 1957-1958