Where to get music and box set boxes

A few months ago, I posted about a then-upcoming new Vince Guaraldi-focused George Winston CD. Now, alert AAUGH Blog reader Doug points out that it is now available for preorder and will ship February 2.

And on the topic of things that come in the email, besides information on the problems of getting large sums of currency out of Nigeria and entreaties from young women who either do not know or do not care that I have a wife, I got asked about the slipcases for the Complete Peanuts boxed sets. After all, if you got into the boxed set thing after you’d already been buying Complete Peanuts for a while, then your first few books are unboxed, practically naked!

The good news is that you can buy the empty slipcases for just under $5 a pop directly from the publisher.

If you’ve got useful information, vital questions, or just don’t care that I have a wife, you can email me at questions@AAUGH.com

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With the coming of the Camp Snoopy series to AppleTV+, it is unsurprising that we’re seeing Beagle Scout merch in the pipeline. Among these is Snoopy’s Beagle Scout Tales, next May’s entry in the “Peanuts Graphic Novel” series. As with most of these books, this will combine a new comic …

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Abrams Comicarts has put out a release with info on their upcoming graphic novel Here Comes Charlie Brown! A Peanuts Pop-up…. and in doing so included images of the entire contents! I added that SPOILER note so that I don’t give away the ending to everyone here, but let me …

Upcoming releases
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Added to the pending Peanuts books is Here Comes Charlie Brown! A Peanuts Pop-Up. Is it a pop-up book? Yes! Is it a strip collection? That depends on your definition of the word “collection”. If it is, it’s literally¬†a¬†strip collection, in that it collects a single strip. That’s right, the …