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Hallmark celebrates Christmas the traditional way: taking my money

Having already taken my cash for the Christmas cookbook that I announced a few days ago, Hallmark’s website announced not one but two more Christmas-themed Peanuts books, designed specifically to drag money out of my pocket and place it other places! On one hand, we have another one of those Itty-Bittys books, …

Upcoming releases

Beagle Board Book

Next January brings Meet the Easter Beagle!, a board book based on the It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown tv special.

Upcoming releases

Halloween’s more than a year away

We’re already seeing solicitations for Great Pumpkin books for pumpkin season 2017! Now you can pre-order: The board book The Legend of the Great Pumpkin The paperback The Great Pumpkin Returns both coming in July. And to fill your Peanuts board book need without the pumpkiny flavor, May brings Hugs for Snoopy, …

Upcoming releases

nice Peanuts cover

I like the design for the cover of the upcoming paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts: 1963-1964. The font of the logo design goes quite nicely with the musical notes.

Upcoming releases

Boxed set box

Here is the box for The Good Ol’ Peanuts boxed set of previously published Peanuts kids books. It ships mid-December, giving you time to wrap the box in wrapping paper and give it for Christmas… or even for Chanukah (which starts on Christmas eve this year… and then, doesn’t end this …


A correction

In the post that I made on the contents of Complete Peanuts 26, I accidentally referred to some of the material having appeared first in Playboy, which was simply a mind-buffer error. That material had appeared in Sports Illustrated. (I was also having some dealings with the works of Dedini, a cartoonist …

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Snoopy’s many rescues

The book that was previously listed just as Peanuts Spring Collection 2017 now has a title, Snoopy to the Rescue. It’s a good name… which is why it’s been used before. Repeatedly. In 1991, the UK’s Ladybird Books published snoopy to the rescue (lower-case theirs), a storybook by Gordon Volke. In 1987, …

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So what IS in Complete Peanuts 26

When Fantagraphics asked me to help make a 26th volume for the always-announced-as-25-volumes Complete Peanuts series, they were only looking for half a book of cartoon material, of Schulz Peanuts that hadn’t appeared in the daily strip and thus hadn’t been in the other 25 volumes. So I rounded up some …

Upcoming releases

The leadership skills of the lad in the zig-zag shirt

Coming in in November is You’re a Leader, Charlie Brown. I’m not sure of the contents of this hardcover gift book from the publisher Simple Truths, but it’s sure to be inspirational material on leadership – that’s the topic that the publisher specializes in. Amazon thinks they know what the contents …

Upcoming releases

Charlie Brown Valentine cover

Here’s the Robert Pope’s lovely cover for this December’s new adaptation of A Charlie Brown Valentine.