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Ah, THAT’s what that book is

I got a tad more information on the book Charles M. Schulz’ Charlie Brown that’s coming from Kaboom! next March. It’s another collection of stories from the Kaboom! Peanuts comics… but not a collection of previously-uncollected stories. Instead, it’s “best of” collection focused on stories about the round-headed kid. This 96 …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts Guides to Life

It looks like Running Press is going full in on bringing the UK strip reprint series Peanuts Guide to Life over into the US. Having already announced their edition of The Peanuts Guide to Christmas for October, I now see that they’re bring both The Philosophy of Snoopy and The Wisdom …

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When things I thought weren’t going to happen happen

It had been so long since the most recent trade paperback volume collecting the Kaboom! Peanuts comic book stories that I was assuming they’d lost either the rights or the will to reprint the remaining issues, an assumption backed by the fact that Kaboom! no longer lists any Peanuts product on …

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Count the differences!

You know those puzzles where you have to find the differences between two very similar pictures? Well, at left is the cover for the upcoming book It’s Hockey Time, Franklin! as I got it from the publisher’s website a couple weeks back, and at the right is the cover as it …

Upcoming releases

Woodstock is not a baby!

We have a real cover at last for the Peanuts Baby Book: My First Year. While Woodstock is not actually a baby, it does make for a better cover than what they had been showing us.  

Upcoming releases

Being a big brother can be a big bother

Coming in February is the storybook You’re a Big Brother, Charlie Brown!, built around the introduction of Sally into the Peanuts strip. As of now, the artist is Scott Jeralds and the writer is ol’ Mr. To Be Determined. Or Ms. To Be Determined. It’s hard to tell these things from …

Upcoming releases

Woof and chirp, BFFs

Coming in February is Snoopy and Woodstock: Best Friends Forever, a storybook. The paperback comes with two pages of stickers, the hardcover edition doesn’t, but both have the same thrilling cover image of Snoopy and Woodstock skateboarding, Snoopy with his safety helmet, Woodstock with his yarmulka! (“Yarmulka”, also known as …

Upcoming releases

A book with a very bossy title

Coming in January of 2018 (the future!) is Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You, a Be Oh A Are Dee Be Oh Okay. With 26 pages and an uplifting message of encouragement, this should fulfill all of your need for uplifting boards!

Upcoming releases

Here comes Here Comes the Easter Beagle!!

Landing in January is Here Comes the Easter Beagle!, which is, of course, celebrating the adventures of one of those giant stone beagle heads that they found on Easter Island. No, wait, that’s wrong. But that’d be cool too, right? Well, in order to make this short 8″x8″ book at …

Upcoming releases

Lots of little Peanuts books in one big book

Coming in December is Peanuts 5-Minute Stories, which is a collection of earlier Peanuts storybooks – and by “earlier”, I mean “earlier than December”, not earlier that now; It’s Hockey Time, Franklin! has not yet been released. But it’s got a dozen books worth of tales between its hard covers, although …