Upcoming releases

Paperback Complete Peanuts #5

Now available for pre-order is volume 5 of the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts.  This volume covers the years 1959 and 1960, and features an introduction by Whoopi Goldberg.

Upcoming releases

Where Beagles Dare preview

  Here’s a preview of the new Peanuts graphic novel Where Beagles Dare!, being released Wednesday. Click any page to enlarge. Unfortunately, the book seems to have disappeared from Amazon, it was there before, and I expect it will be there again!

Upcoming releases

Snoopy: Party Animal cover

Here’s the cover for the full-color paperback strip collection, Snoopy: Party Animal, which is slated to ship in March.

Upcoming releases

The Snoopy Treasures exists!

You won’t be able to get your sticky little fingers on this for a couple months yet (which means you can still go preorder it and lock in the best preorder price), but yes, my next book The Snoopy Treasures has been printed and I have a copy in my hands! …

Upcoming releases

PEANUTS: A TRIBUTE TO CHARLES M. SCHULZ – Press Check with Managing Editor Bryce Carlson (with images, tweets) · boomstudios · Storify

The folks at Boom Studios have posted a series of images and videos from their press check  for the upcoming book Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz.

Upcoming releases

The Snoopy Special

Things have been a little quiet on the Kaboom! comic book front of late, but coming in November  is a one-shot comic Peanuts: The Snoopy Special. “Follow Snoopy, the World Famous Sergeant-Major of the Foreign Legion, on the mission of a lifetime to save his dear brother Spike, encountering adventure at …

Upcoming releases

“Making of” cover

We’ve got a cover (pretty, isn’t it?) for the The Peanuts Movie making-of book, which drops a month before the movie. Author Jerry Schmitz has written similar books for a couple of the Shrek films, and this volume has a forward by director Steve Martino and Fox Animation president Vanessa …

Upcoming releases

Oh, the movie has Snoopy AND Charlie Brown. That’s good to know.

The book that was previously listed as The Peanuts Movie Book is now coming up as Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie Novelization.

Nat news

Getting Snoopy Treasures at the comic book shop

You can, of course, preorder my November book The Snoopy Treasures from Amazon. For those of you who would rather preorder from your local comic book store, they should now be working on their orders for that month. Let them know now that you want item code AUG15 1911.

Animated Peanuts

Peanuts movie books forever!

We’ve already seen a number of books adapting The Peanuts Movie that will be coming out this year around the time the film arrives. It turns out, that’s not the end of it! Slated for May of next year is Peanuts: The Movie Book, available in editions with and without a CD. …