Upcoming releases

The wrapping of the wrapping paper book

Ah, finally we have something that looks like an actual cover for the upcoming A Charlie Brown Christmas Wrapping Paper Activity Book. The few uncolored figures to the left look to me like ghosts in the composition. Maybe they’re the ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future?

Upcoming releases

All the Peanuts statues

For a long time, Peanuts book collectors with an interest in the Peanuts statues that blanketed St. Paul and Santa Rosa in various years had to settle for the combination auction catalog/souvenir booklets that accompanied those displays, and some of them have been hard to find. But now there’s a book …

Upcoming releases

Maybe this is Running Press’s radical new design scheme

Coming this July is Peanuts Baby Book: My First Year, a padded-cover book filled with places to put baby data, baby pictures, li’l footprints, etc. I hope that they get the rest of this series out quickly; I could really use a Peanuts Baby Book: My Fifty-Second Year right about …

Upcoming releases

What the well-dressed cartoonist is drawing.

We’ve got a cover for The Great American Story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang! (part of the History of Fun Stuff line) which comes out in just a couple of weeks. It’s an eye-catching piece, and I like it… but with a wry smile at its intentional ridiculousness. I mean, …


Not to discount religion, but…

Discounts are my religion! I was just about to post about the upcoming release of a paperback edition of A Charlie Brown Religion, Stephen Lind’s deep dive into Schulz’s religiosity, when I discovered that Amazon has a few copies of the hardcover edition at 67% off the list price, or about …

Upcoming releases

Communicative Christmas covers

Cover images have appeared for two upcoming Christmas-themed Peanuts books, and they both let us know something further about the books. What the cover for The Peanuts Guide to Christmas tells us is that this indeed a US reprint of a British book of the same name. And what the …

Upcoming releases

Celebrating Snoopy cover

As suspected, the cover for Celebrating Snoopy is designed to match the cover for the hardcover edition of Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years.

Upcoming releases

Character Encyclopedia cover

We’ve got the cover for the Complete Peanuts Character Encyclopedia, coming in October. The sample art, which you’ll see on the Amazon page, makes it clear this is an illustration-heavy, full color volume. Of course, you expect something nice for a $40 volume (currently discounted on Amazon, and of course …

Upcoming releases

Reach for your wallets, folks

Andrews & McMeel is coming at you this fall with a big, thick hardcover of Peanuts strips featuring Snoopy, covering the entire run of the strip. Celebrating Snoopy carries a list price of $75, so this is one of those cases where I suggest ordering early, and letting Amazon’s we’ll-give-you-the-lowest-price-between-preorder-and-shipping …

Upcoming releases

The Complete Peanuts Character Encyclopedia

Coming this fall is The Complete Peanuts Character Encyclopedia, a hardcover guide to everyone in the Peanuts strip universe. This one is written by Andrew Farago, a fine fellow and the curator over at the Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco’s respectable-and-fun showcase of the comics arts, and on this he’s working in …