Scanimationy books today

I was putting together an upcoming post on ordering Japanese Peanuts books through Amazon US, when I discovered… well, remember when I mentioned how I was looking forward to the upcoming “Scanimation” book, with images that animate as you move the page? It looks like in Japan they already have …


A Charlie Brown Scholarly Christmas

I just got to read the article “Christmas in the 1960s: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Religion, and the Conventions of the Television Genre“, which appears in the current issue of The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. Written by (AAUGH Blog reader!) Stephen J. Lind (currently of Washington And Lee University), this …


Dr. Snoopy does Japan

Today’s addition to the AAUGH.com Reference Library is the Japanese translation of Dr. Snoopy’s Advice to Pet Owners, a boom of Schulz (or good pseudo-Schulz illustrations paired with humorous answers to pet questions For some reason, I’m amused that the cover price is 762 yen; the sort of seemingly-random-number price …


Corrected corrections

Dale just pointed out that the page of AAUGH.com where I list the corrections to errors in my book The Peanuts Collection wasn’t working. I fixed the coding error, and it looks like it may never have been working. i wasn’t trying to cover up the errors (well, at this …


My newest and oldest Schulz

The latest addition to the AAUGH.com Reference Library is also the oldest piece of Schulz material to be held by that fine and venerable institution. The February 1947 issue of Topix Comics is full of tales aimed at Catholic youth, but it’s the final page that earns it a special …


The full Peanuts movie teaser

Here ya go: There are definitely some cool aspects to this.


The no-good “no-good because”

There’s a way that I’ve seen folks discussing Peanuts projects over the past decade or so that I find a little irksome. They’ll see some bit of non-Schulz Peanuts somewhere, and consider it not to be good… which I have no problem with (I certainly feel that there are better …


And some days, I just feel like posting the covers to a lot of Japanese Peanuts books

(Click through on any to order from Amazon Japan, if you can.)


Franklin stars in…

I just got my author’s copies of issue 16 of the Peanuts comic book, published by Kaboom! My contribution is a mere three pager, but I am quite happy with what Robert Pope did with the art (and Lisa Moore’s colors are quite kickin’!) This should be landing in your …