Classic finds

Peanuts anatomy is weird

I have become fascinated by this Italian book cover for, well, every design decision, from the mis-centered face to the “C. M. Schulz” to the decision to color the collar as if it is skin. What, does Charlie Brown have gills?

New releases

There’s always a hidden Christmas

While we already have an excellent new book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, well, there’s almost always another new edition lurking somewhere. This time, it was hidden at Kohl’s – whom I usually check for Peanuts books about this time of year, but with less going out these days, I …

New releases

Review: Peanuts Every Sunday 1980s Box Set

Conflict of interest note: I have had a business relationship with the publisher Fantagraphics on multiple Peanuts-oriented projects in the past and may well continue to do so. No review copies of these volumes were provided. The Peanuts Every Sunday 1980s Box Set does well exactly what it’s supposed to …

New releases

Review: Charlie and Friends

There is nothing wrong with a cheaply produced paperback of public domain material. It can provice a service. For some material it’s the only way that product will be available. In the case of Charlie and Friends in Tip Top Comics – The Full Series Reader Collection, however, it’s the equivalent …

New releases

Review: Peanuts Origami

The book Peanuts Origami is designed for people who are not me, specifically people who are willing to rip pages out of a Peanuts book so that they can fold them into things. Maybe if I had three copies, I would do that for one. I shall not find out. But …

Animated Peanuts

Hey, A Charlie Brown Christmas just popped up!

I just received the new pop-up book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and we have a real winner here. No, this isn’t a reprint of the old Running Press pop-up version. And it certainly isn’t last year’s Hallmark version with just one single pop-up at the end. No, this …

New releases

Review: Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook

The latest Peanuts cookbook, Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook, is another hardcover from the same folks who brought us the Peanuts Family Cookbook, and as with that one, this is a physically lovely item. Dozens of recipes with sometimes goofily Peanuts-y names, each accompanied with a relevant daily strip. On the facing …

New releases

Review: Be Thankful, Be Giving

I don’t think I’ve ever wished to give books letter grades before, but it would be fun to write Be Thankful, Be Giving: B+. I’m not saying that’s accurate, I’m saying that’d be fun to write. Be Thankful, Be Giving is a D-shaped Thanksgiving-themed board book. For a board book, they …

New releases

Review: Let’s Go to the Library!

The new “Ready-to-Read Level Two” storybook Let’s Go to the Library! is officially “by Charles M. Schulz, adapted by May Nakamura, illustrated by Robert Pope”, and it’s actually valid to call it an adaptation (which is not true of some of these storybooks.) This tale of Sally’s first trip to …

New releases

Review: Snoopy Goes to Space

  The “book and flashlight set” Snoopy Goes to Space is another boxed set item from Phoenix International. The book is one of those sound-button books for kids, where as you read, the text include pictures of buttons to push. Push the button, and you get the appropriate sound effect. The …