No, ’cause Kaws

Classic finds

I’m not a fan of the work of conceptual artist Kaws (real name: Brian Donnelly.) I can see where taking someone else’s character and replacing the eyes with Xs may make some statement in some context once or twice, but as a style for a lifetime, no… and when I see a Kaws-traced Simpsons album cover selling for eight figures (while the artist of the cover – a pal of mine – gets $0), I question the general usefulness to the culture.

Apparently, a few years ago Kaws did some Peanuts-oriented work, some of which ended up on Uniqlo products. And there’s a 2016 book of that material, KAWS: Man’s Best Friend. It’s there for any of you who want to spend a couple hundred book on Kaws material, but I think I will allow this hole to remain in my collection.

Kaws book cover - altered PigPen image

Classic finds
Peanuts Adventures

Every once in a while, a Peanuts book slips by me. That’s particularly true of a book like Peanuts Adventures, a book that didn’t get distributed through the standard book distribution means. This book was designed for the discount racks. When you go to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble …

Classic finds
the same old printings

I just paid full cover price for copies of two books that I myself had written, just trying to find out whether Hallmark had, as they sometimes do, gotten their own printings of the books with a Hallmark gold crown logo on them. And it would’ve been worth it had …

Classic finds

In recent weeks, I’ve added two kinda-books to the Reference Library. I talked about The Great Big Book of Peanuts Word Seeks volume 1 when I ordered it. Each of its 129 themed word search puzzles had below it a Peanuts strip on the same theme — if the …