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Shot down

I am not without ego. When I get a book of intellectual analysis about Peanuts, I don’t start by delving into the introduction or foreword. No, I dive right for the endnotes, the listing of the sources that the writers relied on in building their analysis. After all, with six …

Classic finds

the same old printings

I just paid full cover price for copies of two books that I myself had written, just trying to find out whether Hallmark had, as they sometimes do, gotten their own printings of the books with a Hallmark gold crown logo on them. And it would’ve been worth it had …

New releases

Snoopy Soars to Space

The first of the new Peanuts Graphic Novels line dropped this week, Snoopy Soars to Space. Whether it’s a “graphic novel” depends on which of the fuzzy definitions of the term you’re using; it’s mostly reprints of pre-existing stories, although the first one is The Beagle has Landed, Charlie Brown, which was …

Classic finds


In recent weeks, I’ve added two kinda-books to the Reference Library. I talked about The Great Big Book of Peanuts Word Seeks volume 1 when I ordered it. Each of its 129 themed word search puzzles had below it a Peanuts strip on the same theme — if the …

New releases

Christmas Time is Here! Again!

Whenever I stop by Costco, I check out their table of books, because it is fairly frequent that they will have Peanuts books, and a fair portion of them is exclusive books not to be found elsewhere. The folks at Costco must like Peanuts. (And by that I mean “the …

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The AAUGH Blogger interviews Nat Gertler

AAUGH Blogger: Hey, Nat, what’s that you got there? Nat: It’s the A Charlie Brown Christmas Mini Puzzles box set thingy. AAUGH Blogger: Oh, a thingy, is it? What has it got in it. Nat: It has these two bags of very small jigsaw puzzle pieces. AAUGH Blogger: Do they …

New releases

Peanuts in letterbox format

Yesterday, my postal carrier brought to me my big pile of the new Peanuts stamps, as well as the book that I’d ordered. Now, a Peanuts book being published by the United States Postal Service may sound like an inherently strange thing; other arms of the US government have issued …

New releases

The Complete The Complete Peanuts 26

I like to own copies of all the different editions of books I wrote or did major work on. And I also like owning Peanuts books, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. So lately, I’ve been tracking down copies of The Complete Peanuts 1950-2000: Comics & Stories, aka The Complete Peanuts …

New releases

How the AAUGH Blogger sometimes misses books

I put some effort into getting all the Peanuts books released in the United States… yet sometimes I miss one. For example, I missed this deluxe songbook that came out last year. How did I miss this? Well, even though it was not distributed through the normal book distribution routes, …

Classic finds

Milky Way

The latest addition to the Reference Library is this 1957 Milky Way ad. It’s in Schulz’s Peanuts style, but doesn’t use Peanuts characters. Why didn’t they use Peanuts? Because then it’d be Snickers!   Hey, if it was your blog, you’d tell your own bad jokes!