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The AAUGH Blogger chats about Peanuts and Christmas

The Phoenix New Times hit me up for what I thought would be a coupe pithy quotes about Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking. Instead it ended up being a much longer piece with lots of comment from me. Go read!

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I finally got a copy of my book in Italian!

Now if someone would just translate it back into English, so I can find out what I said! If for some reason you need a copy, you can order it from an English website here.

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Beaglefest report

This was my first time at Beaglefest, the big annual gathering of the Peanuts Collector Club. If you’re looking for a full report on it, look elsewhere, as I was only there for a sliver of it; it ran from Thursday through Sunday, and I was only in town Friday …

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What I’ll be selling at Beaglefest

The Peanuts Collectors Club gathering Beaglefest is a week-and-a-half away now. I’ll be there on Saturday, giving a talk and then selling books in the sales area. What will I be selling? The Peanuts Collection – I’ll have about 10 copies of this. Schulz’s Youth – twenty-some copies of this… …

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Back from the Festival

I had a good time at the L.A. Times Festival of Books – really, I was showing people books and taking people’s money, and those are both things I love to do. I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by – oh, and AAUGH Blog reader Pat? I think I …

Animated Peanuts

a blog post with a special guest appearance

Well, day one of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is over. Things are going well. And I sold one copy of The Peanuts Collection to a very special guest: Recognize that boy? No? Of course you wouldn’t. But if he spoke, you might. Young Gabe is the current …

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Angelenos – come see the AAUGH Blogger in person

For those in the Greater Los Angeles Area (which is so much better than the Lesser Los Angeles Area) really should come by the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this coming weekend, April 21-22, at USC. Admission is free (though parking, alas, is not), and there will be plenty …

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Maybe it’s the AAUGH Bloglefest

If you were going to the Peanuts Collectors Club annual Beaglefest this year (and you should; I am told people have quite a good time at them) and if you were going to see me give a talk there (which I hope you would, if you were there, and if …


The way the money falls

That silly annual dead-celebrities-with-the-highest-income list came out this week, and yes, they listed Sparky Schulz again, but to me that list is largely a potent mixture of dubious accuracy and none-of-my-business. But it does set me thinking about how creativity gets rewarded, or doesn’t. Schulz and his family, yes, no …

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After the convention

This is just a quick note of thanks to any of you reading this blog who stopped by my table at the Wizard World convention in Anaheim this past weekend. I was glad to chat about Peanuts and comics in general, and had lots of fun showing off The Peanuts …