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Free Comic Book Day tomorrow

Remember, tomorrow (Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day, when most comic book specialty shops in North America will be giving out free special-edition comic books to anyone who stops by… including the Boom! Studios Tenth Anniversary Celebration, which will include a small amount of Peanuts content (a reprint of the Vicki …

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Help me with novel uses of Snoopy

For something I’m working on, I could use a bit of input from the vast hivemind of Peanuts fans out there. Can any of you name any (non-Peanuts) novels that use Snoopy in either of these two ways: As a real character, as if the beagle from the strip is …

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Nat gets a package

This box, if it has what it’s supposed to have in it, is going to make Peanuts collector Nat very happy. I consider it a real score. So I’ll open it and show it to you… Tomorrow.

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Everything I Need to Learn, and More!

Coming in March is a revised, redesigned edition of the Peanuts quote book Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Peanuts. And having gotten that out of the way, and finding that this first blog post in days is quite short, I’m going to be horribly exploitive of this blog …

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Nat at Comic-Con

The Comic-Con schedule for Friday just went up, and they listed the one panel I’m slated to be on. Room 18 might be a little hard to find (it’s usually used for retailer meetings rather than mainstream convention panels), but I’ll be glad to see you there, two weeks from …

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Perhaps I consumed too much pizza too late at night

Okay, I admit it: two nights ago, I had a dream where I was talking to fellow Schulz specialist Derrick Bang in my kitchen, when the phone rang and a threatening voice from whatever-organization-is-bugging-my-house told me that I’d better stop revealing Peanuts secrets. At least, I hope that was a …

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A couple of non-Schulz notes

Since I have this audience here, I’m going to exploit it a bit for a good cause. The wife of cartoonist Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo, has a bad health situation that requires ongoing home care. The Sakais have insurance, but this expense is above and beyond what is …

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When being the AAUGH Blogger gets surreal

Some days, you wake up and find that you’ve been repeatedly cited in an article (and called out on a small error) by this guy: that’s Eddie Deezen, who played Eugene in Grease and Grease 2, and was one of the faces who showed up regularly in films that you’d …

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Nat’s Most ADJECTIVE Comics

Folks have asked me to mention my own, non-Peanuts projects on this blog, so here’s the latest little oddity: The Most ADJECTIVE Romance Comics Ever! is a creative comics game in book form. I’ve taken some tales from classic romance comic books and reworked the dialog with blanks calling for …

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Meet Nat in Pasadena tomorrow

As a reminder to those in Southern California: I’ll be appearing in at the Central Branch of the Pasadena Library tomorrow  from 6 to 10 PM, as part of the big ArtNight Pasadena festivities. I’ll be glad to chat, to answer questions… and if you want to buy a copy …